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Uncanny X-Men #18 (I'm Winning Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:08 pm

In this issue, Gillen basically picked two plotlines and focussed on them heavily, with a little one page intro from Kate Kildare, the X-Men’s PR Guru (who’s job is of course very difficult right now). The first plot was Colossus and Magik, who, despite losing their Phoenix Powers, still have a lot of problems. Most notably the fact that Magik is revealed to be a totally evil crazy person who deliberately manipulated her brother into becoming the Juggernaut in order for him to fall from grace and know what it’s like to be her. That is just messed-up. I’m sure this pissed off a lot of Magik fans, but I didn’t mind it, it was a great twist. With the news this week that Colossus will be joining X-Force, I wonder how much darker he can go and if he’ll still be all Jugged-out in that book. Either way, it’s crazy how much the X-Men writers have beaten on him, that’ll teach him to be a good-natured giant. The other plot focused on Cyclops, first, in a scene where he argues with Magneto, and confronts what a lot of people, both in comics and online have been saying, that he has become Magneto. Cyclops’ response is fucking fantastic, he’s nothing like Magneto, because he’s winning. Hah! Take that Internet! Let your keyboard rage build and build! The other aspect of Cyclops’ story was a very clever take on the events of AvX #11 from Gillen. We see just how powerful the Phoenix has made him and Emma, that their minds are so strong that even whilst fighting an epic battle, part of them can enjoy a psychic romantic meal. The juxtaposition of the peace of the meal and the chaos of battle was very well done, and the final sequence, where we see how Cyclops views his victory of Emma, with him drinking the Phoenix, was very cool.

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