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Frankenstein: Agent Of SHADE #0 (Prevent Future Genocides Sp

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Postby Punchy » Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:25 pm

This was probably my favourite Zero Issue so far. Going back way more than the customary 5 years, this one went all the way back to 1823 to show us Frankenstein’s birth. What followed was a gloriously demented mix of elements from the original novel, and steam-punk action. Throughout of all of this, the running through-line is that Frank, who looks like a monster, is very human, and Victor, who looks human, is the true monster. It’s a simple dichotomy, but it works. Kindt teases at the end that Victor didn’t really die, so I’m now very excited to see what happens when he makes his return in the present day. It was also cool to see another incarnation of Father Time, this time as a beautiful woman. He’s such a weird take on the Nick Fury archetype. Also very cool were the little flashes of some of Frank’s other adventures, including Nazi Robot Spiders. This was just a great issue, and it told an origin that actually needed telling, unlike a lot of other heroes.
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Max Blyss

Rorshach Test Subject

Postby Max Blyss » Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:20 pm

This book is the only DC book I'm thinking of reading after #0 (which was another great issue)... Wonder Woman's about to go down the toilet, and Batwoman lacks in the writing dept., despite being a beautiful visual experience.

I'm very nearly certain that I'll be taking a total break from funnybooks for at least a year or two, though. There's only two issues of the Boys left. Good stopping point.

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