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Blue Beetle #0 (Sky Witness Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:06 am

In the recent JLI Annual, Blue Beetle was shot into space by OMAC, and this Zero Issue picks up where that left off, with the Scarab giving Jaime a history lesson whilst they’re floating about in space. We see the Scarab’s first attempt at taking over someone, and how it inadvertently led to the creation of Lady Styx, who is a villain I remember fondly from 52. I was surprised to see that show up here, but I bet it’s leading up to Bedard using the character in either this title of GL: New Guardians. We then see the Scarab crashing down to Earth, where he bonds with a Mayan Priest and basically becomes Quetzlcoatl. I’m a big fan of ‘secret history’ type stories where myths and legends from our world are revealed to have a superhero-related reasoning behind them, so this really worked for me. I was a bit bummed out to see that there is no Dan Garrett or Ted Kord in the New 52 Universe, but then maybe the treasure hunter who found the Scarab is Dan Garrett? That’s how it’s going to be in my fanfic! (Note, I will never ever write a fanfic). At the end, Bedard insures that this trip down memory lane was not for nothing, as Jaime is attacked by a load of other Blue Beetles. I’m very excited for this upcoming story, Jaime is way out of his comfort zone in deep space, it’s gonna be cool.

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