Incredible Hulk #14 (Tell me the monkey isn't driving Spoile

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Title: This guy, right?

Incredible Hulk #14 (Tell me the monkey isn't driving Spoile

Postby Punchy » Sun Sep 30, 2012 3:58 pm

Man, I just love Jason Aaron’s sense of humour, he writes some of the funniest comics around, and they aren’t just jokey for the sake of it, there are actual stakes (although another Aaron comic out this week is an exception) and foundations to the humour. This issue, the penultimate one of his run, was incredibly exciting and entertaining, with some really great moments and ideas. The revelation that the villain of this whole story is not actually Doctor Doom, but a bunch of Doombots preparing for his return is a great one, and allows for some damn good comedy, that still doesn’t allow you to forget how scary Doombots can be. The Mad Squad are also reliably batshit, and there’s also the glimpse we get inside of the Hulk’s mind, where the controls contain a big button that just says ‘SMASH’. This was just a great issue, and I love the contrast of the funny stuff and the more serious elements like the new villain, who, while scary, is called ‘The Vegetable’. After a shaky start, Aaron’s Hulk is going out in a big way, and I’m loving how crazy it is.


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