Tuesday Morning Totally Original News Wrapup

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Tuesday Morning Totally Original News Wrapup

Postby LOLtron » Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:42 am

Tuesday Morning Totally Original News Wrapup

Hack/Slash vs. Army of Darkness cover, Archie meets Glee, leaked Man of Steel toy commercials, and MORE!

Source: None - This is All Us

Jude Terror here with a quick Tuesday morning news wrapup! These are totally original news stories that we discovered on our own and didn't get from any other source!

First up is this Tim Seeley cover to Hack/Slash vs. Army of Darkness, which is out next year:

Wow. Great stuff. I can't believe we stumbled across that gem!

Next up, what happens when the cast of Glee meets the cast of Archie Comics? Nothing we care about, for sure, but here's a cover anyway:

Nice! Looks like there was a little bit of photoshop retouching there, amirite?!

Hey, check this out, these commercials for Man of Steel toys were leaked. The commercials need some serious work, but they might reveal some info about the movie.

What a great find! The Outhouse is on fire with all this original news this morning!

Finally, here's a bonus news bit taken from another site. Bleeding Cool has theorized that, perhaps, the reason Cartoon Network pulled the DC Nation animation block off the air is that the episode of Young Justice that was meant to air on Saturday contained Stephanie Brown, long considered a "toxic" character by DC's brass. Wow, that's a clever theory. I wonder how Rich...

Oh wait! We fucking came up with that theory. Two days ago! Just like we broke the whole DC Nation story in the first place on Friday night, something else no one bothered to attribute to us. How about a little link love next time, Rich? Kthxbai. :)

Written or Contributed by Jude Terror



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