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Akron Comicon Press Release

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:59 am

Akron Comicon Press Release

Akron Comicon is coming, and The Outhouse has a press pass, cause we are awesome.

A member of The Outhouse staff was emailed the press release for the upcoming Akron Comicon on November 10th.  Guests include Mike W Barr (Batman and Camelot 3000), Tom Batiuk (Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft) and Gerry Conway. 


The Akron Comicon convention floor is organized to include seventy-two exhibitor spaces divided into two primary categories: vendor booths for dealers (37) and artist alley spaces for creators, media organizations and clubs (35). Exhibitors include: thirty-seven comic creators, eighteen vendors, and seven media organizations and clubs. All exhibitors offer a wide range of merchandise for sale for everyone. All spaces are currently assigned and or sold out. We have a waiting list in the event of any cancellations.


Planned events are, but not limited too:


Akron Public Schools Comic Book Cover Contest
Of the eight area high schools, students from Central-Hower, East, Garfield, Kenmore, and North have turned in their work for the comic book cover contest sponsored by local comic shop owner John Buntin Jr. of Kenmore Komics & Games and by Blue Line Pro (pro art supplies) from Florence, Kentucky. Both sponsors are scheduled exhibitors at the convention. The art will be judged by artists Tom Batiuk, Joseph Miller, and Joe Staton.
Panel Presentations
Six panel presentations are scheduled throughout the day of the convention each featuring a particular facet of comics from the creation of the superhero responsible for establishing comics as the viable entertainment medium it is today from the pages of comic books to the silver screen.
• “Hollywood Magic” featuring Hollywood Prop-Man Mike May (11:00-11:50am) – Our only media guest, Mr. May will
share his experiences working behind the scenes on such TV classics as Batman, Lost In Space, the Munsters, Star Trek, Time Tunnel and more.
• “Superman: The Man of Steel” presented by the Siegel & Shuster Society (1:00-1:50pm) – Discover how Superman
was created, who the creators were, and how the Siegel & Shuster Society is preserving their legacy.
• Meet Mike W. Barr, Norm Breyfogle, and Joe Staton (2:00-2:50pm) – Enjoy an hour up close and personal with
comics legends Mike W. Barr, Norm Breyfogle, and Joe Staton as they share their experiences working together
on such titles as Batman, Green Lantern and more.
• “How to Create Your Own Comic Book” presented by Marc Sumerak (3:00-3:50pm) – Join Eisner and Harvey
Award nominated writer Marc Sumerak as he shares how
• Meet Legendary Writer Gerry Conway with guest moderator Chris Yambar (4:00-4:50pm) – Look back over the
career of one the legendary comic book writers who created the Punisher, Firestorm, and the controversial
Death of Gwen Stacy storyline.
• “The 40th Anniversary of Funky Winkerbean” presented by Tom Batiuk (5:00-5:50pm).
The Akron Comicon is a one day show being held in The University of Akron's Student Union Ballroom on Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 303 Carroll Street, Akron, Ohio 44325 from 10am to 6pm.
Presale ticketsare $8 and are available at www.akroncomicon.com until Wednesday, November 7th. All presale ticket holders will receive a free Akron Comicon exclusive poster available the day of the show. General admission tickets cost $10 at the door. Admission for Senior Citizens is $5. University Student tickets are $5 with a student I.D. All children age 10 and under are free.
For more information and updates you can visit the Akron Comicon fabebook page
UPDATE - announced earlier today: 


We are thrilled to announce Eisner Award winning artist and writer P. Craig Russell is scheduled to appear at Akron Comicon on November 10th. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a de

gree in painting, P. Craig Russell has run the gamut in comics. After establishing a name for himself at Marvel on KILLRAVEN and DR. STRANGE, he went on to become one of the pioneers in opening new vistas for this underestimated field with, among other works, adaptations of operas by Mozart (THE MAGIC FLUTE), Strauss (SALOME) and Wagner (THE RING OF THE NIBELUNG. Russell is also well-known for his FAIRY TALES OF OSCAR WILDE series as well as his graphic novel adaptations of Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN: THE DREAM HUNTERS and CORALINE.



Written or Contributed by GHERU

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WTF is this rank?

Postby Chesscub » Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:38 am

P. Craig Russell :shock:
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Wally Brando

Rain Partier

Postby Wally Brando » Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:54 am

IIRC, P. Craig Russell lives in Kent, which is like.. right next door to Akron. So it would be surprising if he DIDN'T attend this thing.

But nothing all that exciting. None of these Northern Ohio cons are ever any good. I know the one that was in Cleveland for years was complete shit.

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