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Bad Voodoo is a Comic About Your Mom!

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Oct 25, 2012 6:00 am

Bad Voodoo is a Comic About Your Mom!

Your mom, the former crack whore, stars as Cabra Cini in Hamtramck Idea Men! (H!M) Comics' If-X: Halloween!

Source: Press Release

Your mom, a crack whore, finds a new addiction in Cabra Cini: Bad Voodoo. And no, it's neither crack nor c***. It's voodoo. Now, if you know your mom, and believe us, we know her intimately, you may be wondering: "I know my mom is a filthy slut who would do anything for drugs or money, but voodoo? If my mom knew magic, she wouldn't have had to rely on crude birth control methods which eventually failed, resulting in the mistake that was my birth."

Well, we agree, but, frankly, her story on its own would have trouble getting past the Comics Code Authority, and, really, has no redemptive value except as a cautionary tale of shame and immorality. That's why creators Sam Johnson and Dan Lauer decided to spice up this this semi-biographical story about the sperm recepticle you call "mommy" in Hamtramck Idea Men! (H!M) Comics' IF-X: HalloweenCabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman in Bad Voodoo is the lead in this anthology which also features Brody and Lisa, a supernatural romance strip from Kelci Crawford; and Recovery Unit, an offbeat vampire tale from Patrick McEvoy & David Beyer, Jr.

All of this for $2.99! Wow! We could have your mom for a third of that a few years ago. Inflation is a bitch, isn't it?

Here's the press release:

Happy Halloween - it’s the return of Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman!

At a pivotal moment in her life, former crack-whore Cabra Cini found a new addiction--voodoo--and from there she crafted a new vocation--developing her own bastardized version of the dark art to carry out hits!

Introduced in Visionary Comics’ Digital Visions, Cabra is back in H!M Comics’ IF-X: Halloween--in which a friend’s Halloween fancy dress party is meant to be a night off for Ms. Cini--but events prove to be as eventful and bizarre as any of her assignments!

Written by Sam Johnson (Geek-Girl, Gold Town, The Almighties) and illustrated by Dan Lauer (Myth, Slam Dunk Kings, Zombie Highway), Cabra’s lead feature in the comic reveals a new side to her. Johnson fills us in, “Anyone familiar with Cabra Cini knows she’s a badass; she used to be in the unfortunate position of being her now-ex pimp’s abused girlfriend, and having gotten out of that ‘hole’ and found her vocation in life, she’s a much stronger woman--to the point that she’s feared by any who know her--but beneath her badass exterior, she is still a human being.”

Johnson continues, “No one has been able to get close to Cabra since she became the ‘Voodoo Lady’; though she does have physical ‘relations’ (as a former President might say) with her neighbor Jeff…

“Only, Jeff’s fallen for her. He’s been wanting to take things to the next level--for them to have a real relationship--he’s had this idea in his head for awhile, and after a couple of drinks at the party, Jeff’s going to make his move and try and break through the ‘wall’ Cabra’s put up. However--he may not like what he finds on the other side of it.”

Suggested for mature readers, Cabra Cini in ‘Bad Voodoo’ is the lead feature of IF-X: Halloween, Out Now, $2.99, b&w, 32 pages - and available to buy online at www.samjohnson-comics.blogspot.com. The comic also features ‘Brody and Lisa’, a supernatural romance strip from Kelci Crawford; and ‘Recovery Unit’, an offbeat vampire tale from Patrick McEvoy & David Beyer, Jr.

And if you didn’t catch Cabra’s debut, it’s up to read for free at the site!

Written or Contributed by Jude Terror


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