Just a Little More Blud: The Force Is Strong In This One

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Just a Little More Blud: The Force Is Strong In This One

Postby LOLtron » Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:52 pm

Just a Little More Blud: The Force Is Strong In This One

The Blud Crew re-enacts their favorite scenes from the Star Wars franchise!

Source: JALMB

There's nothing more important this election season that Star Wars.  I think that's all something we can agree on.  So here we go.

As per usual, you can view the latest Just a Little More Blud every Sunday night in it's very own webcomic browser.  Just go to and experience the magic!


Notes from the Bludhouse


It's been a long weekend. I mean, a looooong weekend. A bout of food poisoning in your humble letterer's family has led to my being awake for about 48 hours babysitting a very sick six year old. I would elaborate, but instead, I invite you to read my wife's blog post about it, titled The Bag of Epic Shit Puke - If This Doesn't Make You Throw Up, I Don't Know What Will, here:

But never fear, hemophiliacs! I would let a little thing like a bag of epic shit puke prevent me from getting out the latest episode of Just a Little More Blud! And let me just say, I wouldn't cosplay up as Mace Windu. I'd be Jar Jar all the way.


-Jude Terror

Written or Contributed by SuperginraiX



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Re: Just a Little More Blud: The Force Is Strong In This One

Postby covalesky » Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:54 am

You should. Purple is your color ;-)

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