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Skyrim PS3 DLC Content Update!

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:42 pm

Skyrim PS3 DLC Content Update!

After months of keeping fans in the dark after technical issues, Bethesda finally offers an update of sorts on the Playstation 3.

Source: Bethesda Twitter

   After Dawnguard's exclusivity period passed on XBox and it launched for PC, PS3 fans received some unfortunate news: There was going to be a delay in getting the DLC to the Playstation, if at all, due to technical issues.  It was a problem that even Sony was working on with them to try and solve.

   Though this is probably not a technical enough description, the problems came from the PS3 cutting their RAM in half to dedicate to different tasks and the open-world game of Skyrim needed to use all of that RAM, or more than it was getting access too.  Though the reasons Sony designed their unit like this can take us into a whole new discussion, the important thing for Skyrim fans is that they've been waiting as patiently as gamers can wait, while XBox players and PC players adventured through the add-ons: Dawnguard and Hearthfire (and soon Dragonborn).

   I have reached out on numerous occasions to their customer relations people, thinking you know... they might want to relate to customers and offer some info, but have never received a response.  Today though, Bethesda tweeted this out and said no more on it:



   What else can I tell you?  Not much, other than on their forums, a Bethesda admin did answer that they were making good progress on the PS3 DLC issues.  They also had this to say about the content "We're not getting into the specifics of what content is being released right now, but we are working on bringing content to PS3 and PC. It'll be content that's not already on those platforms."

   We will of course update with any new information and though it's not as good as a release date, at least PS3 gamers growing concern about whether Bethesda had given up on them might at rest a bit easier.

   As to why "PC" was included in that tweet, I'm not sure.  Unless that has something to do with the question we posed in the Dragonborn Trailer article about whether or not the XBox exclusive content contract was now up and that the content might be coming to PC sooner than we think.  Hopefully we'll find out the answers to all this sooner, rather than later, but so far, despite the good news, I'm ending up with more questions than answers so far personally.


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