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Arrow Annotations - "Damaged

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:33 am

Check out Arrow's ties to the comic books.

While we provided a pretty comprehensive recap of Arrow’s episode last night, but there were plenty of easter eggs and references to the comic book that we didn’t touch upon.  Luckily Arrow Annotations is here to help, providing some additional notes and background info from last night’s episode. While there's not nearly as much to cover this week, the Arrow writers still threw plenty of little easter eggs for readers. Arrow spoilers follow!

Deathstroke - The masked mercenary who tortured Ollie is one of DC's best known and popular villains.  Deathstroke, whose real name is Slade Wilson, is a superpowered mercenary who first appeared as an adversary of the Teen Titans in 1980.  The character originally fought the Teen Titans to honor the contract of his son, Grant AKA the Ravager, who died while trying to kill or capture the teen heroes.  Deathstroke has a complicated history, often appearing as an antihero and starring in his own series.  Deathstroke is best known for his orange and black mask, which is used to cover up his missing right eye, which was shot out by his angry ex-wife. Interestingly, in Arrow, Deathstroke has both eyes still intact, although Yao Fei tries to shoot one out during his attempt to rescue Ollie. 

In the comics, Deathstroke and Green Arrow have a standing grudge that stems back to the miniseries Identity Crisis.  In the comic, while battling the Justice League, Ollie stabs Deathstroke in his empty eyesocket with an arrow.  The rivalry escalated to the point where Deathstroke led a small army of supervillains to crash Green Arrow's marriage to Black Canary.  Currently, the villain can be found in a self-titled series, which is due to end in January.  
Kate Spencer - Assistant ADA Kate Spencer, the attorney prosecuting Ollie in the episode, is better known as the newest incarnation of the superhero Manhunter.  In the comics, Spencer takes on the mantle of Manhunter in order to stop villains who have somehow escaped justice through the justice system.  Wielding a variety of high-tech weapons stolen from an evidence locker, Manhunter began her career in a short but critically acclaimed 25 issue series written by Marc Andreyko. After her series ending, she joined up with the Birds of Prey and appeared in a backup feature with the Huntress, who will be appearing on Arrow in a few issues. Marc Guggenheim took a turn writing the character when she joined the JSA during the team's stay at Monument Point.  She has yet to appear in the New 52. 
The actress who played Kate, Chelah Horsdal, has had bit roles in X3 and Smallville.  
Edward Fyers - The leader of the mercenaries, Edward Fyers, is a longtime supporting cast member who first appeared in Mike Grell's Longbow Hunters.  Fyers is a CIA agent assigned to kill Shado, a rival archer of Green Arrow's.  At the time, Shado had information needed by Green Arrow, which put the two into conflict.  Over the years, Fyers moved from antagonist to occasional ally of Green Arrow, although Fyers never fully trusted the Emerald Archer.  Fyers also had a fatherly role with Ollie's son, Conner, who took over for Ollie when the character was killed in a terrorist attack (he got better).  Despite their history, Fyers is still liked enough by Ollie that he was invited to Ollie's wedding, which of course was crashed by Deathstroke.
Fishnets - In the episode, Laurel makes a reference to wearing fishnets at a Halloween party.  The most iconic part of Black Canary's costume are her fishnet stockings.
The Glades - Diggle stops an arms deal in the Glades.  In the comics, the Glades are a particularly crime-ridden part of Star City.  The Glades are largely controlled by a crimelord known as Brick.  
Leo Muller - This is a bit of a stretch, but we'll throw it in there anyways.  Leo Muller, the German arms dealer, shares part of his name with the Müller-Lyer illusion, an optical illusion involving arrows.  The gist of the trick is that three arrows are drawn onto a piece of paper with their points facing different directions with shafts that appear to be different lengths.  However, the shafts of all three are of identical length. 
And here's some additional info from last week.
Tempest - It was pointed out to me that the Tempest is also the name of a Shakespeare play featuring castaways on the island.  Prospero, a wizard found on the island, is also the founder of Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
So that’s all the comic book references for this week, or at least the ones I caught.  Join us next week as we break down Arrow’s ties to the comics!  It should be a doozy, as Deathstroke is making an appearance!

Written or Contributed by ThanosCopter


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