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Arrow - "Legacies"

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:40 pm

Arrow -

A recap of this week's episode of Arrow.


Well, that certainly wasn’t what I expected.  Compared to last week’s mythology heavy episode, “Legacies” was a pretty self-contained episode.  I’d say it was a filler episode, but it did mark the formal beginning of Ollie’s presumable transition from murderous vigilante to hero.

This episode focuses on the Royal Flush Gang, reimagined as a group of bank robbers.  After one of the members shoots a cop, Diggle gets Ollie involved, sidetracking him from his main mission of making rich people suffer.   Ollie quickly deduces that the Royal Flush Gang is actually the Reston family, and learns that Derek Reston, the father figure and leader of the Royal Flush Gang, was laid off by Queen Enterprises back in the day. 

Meanwhile, Tommy makes his first appearance in a couple episodes trying to win (back?) Laurel.  After Laurel’s legal aid firm loses a major donor, Tommy sees an opportunity to impress Laurel by throwing a fundraiser for the firm.  Spurred on by some advice by Speedy, Tommy admits that his feelings for Laurel goes beyond his typical bouts of lust with other women.

Another subplot this episode is Moira trying to reconnect with her son and use him as a surrogate social companion for her husband, who has run off to Melbourne in an attempt to avoid her.  Unfortunately, Ollie’s vigilatism interferes with Moira’s plans, leading to Moira being quite miffed with her son.

At the fundraiser, Tommy is upset when Laurel focuses her attention on a mutual doctor friend of Ollie and Laurel.  He also has to stave off the drunken advances of Laurel, who mistakenly thought that Tommy carried a torch for her.  However, Tommy ends up impressing Laurel when he takes care of the puking Thea, and the two share a moment.

Anyways, Ollie, feeling that the Royal Flush Gang is his family’s fault, gives Reston a chance to painlessly give up his life of crime.  However, Reston is swayed by his son, Kyle, to rob one more bank, forcing Ollie to intervene.  During the resulting scuffle, Derek is fatally shot by a guard and Kyle is knocked out by Ollie. 

Oh, and a flashback reveals that Ollie tried to commit suicide with a hallucinatory gun given to him by a vision of his father.  Ollie also learns that his father’s book has been written in with invisible ink.  Ollie also makes nice with his mother by taking her to Big Belly Burger. 

That’s really all that happened.  The Royal Flush Gang was just a group of random bank robbers, Ollie didn’t kill anyone and Tommy and Laurel’s relationship took a small step forward.  The only real question that I had is whether the cop shot in the opening scene survived the episode or not.  We know he got transferred to a better health care facility, but that’s about it. [EDITOR'S NOTE: He survived.]

Next episode seems to be a bit more plot heavy, with China White returning and the Huntress making her first appearance.


Written or Contributed by ThanosCopter


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