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Revolution- Nobody's Fault But Mine

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Mon Nov 26, 2012 6:12 pm

Revolution- Nobody's Fault But Mine

Here’s hoping the writers attend a workshop over the holidays.


Fall finale! w00! I can barely contain my excitement! Actually folks, this week’s episode isn’t so terrible. Let’s get into it, shall we? I’m gonna have Revolution recapitulated into your brain: here be spoilers!

Previously on Revolution: the lights went out, and our heroes went on a quest.

Five years after the technical start of Revolution: gunshots and explosions. It’s the Trenton invasion! As if that’s supposed to mean anything to me. Miles and Monroe joke about fighting with swords. It’s funny because they do that now and because the writers haven’t made it past third grade level foreshadowing. Miles is bleeding from his gut. He tells Monroe to bravely lead the militia to war and leave him behind. Monroe refuses, saying they’ll die together, because no one has ever seen Donnie Darko.

Currently on Revolution, in present day Philly, Charlie is still bleeding from the head because of Led Zeppelin. Nora sexies her way into their last ally’s house.

Neville shows up in the middle of the night at Monroe’s (he’s in bed with a lady!) to say that Miles & Co. have arrived. Monroe decides if he’s coming for Danny or him. Neville recommends heading to Boston. Monroe dislikes this plan because he’s no coward. His eyes are getting progressively crazier.

Nora treats Charlie’s head wound. Miles nonchalantly discusses the high probability of killing Monroe. He heads out to scope the town or something. Time passes. Everyone sleeps cosily in front of the fire when the militia busts in. Kip didn’t rat them out, but they were still obvious, because when you sneak into a town run by a militia that wants you dead, maybe don’t go straight to the house of the only person who will still answer his door for you. Neville shoots Charlie up with some drugs (how are there still so many drugs around? They have to ration bullets but they can chloroform people all they want) and drag her to a decrepit cell. Surprise! Rachel is waiting for her.

There’s an awkward stare down. Rachel says she’d know her daughter anywhere. Charlie’s face is grumpy. I don’t particularly care for Rachel, but it’s all for reasons Charlie doesn’t know about. I get that she’s salty her mom abandoned her, but c’mon, you don’t really have a reason to distrust her… yet.

Aaron asks Neville what he’s done to Charlie. Is it weird that I feel like everyone sort of phoned in their performances here? Except for Giancarlo Esposito, because obviously he’s fantastic. Neville threatens Aaron, acting remarkably threatening for someone who used to be a white bread insurance adjuster. Also he’s sort of following in Sebastian’s “crazy” footpath here.

Rachel tries to explain herself to Charlie, who is not particularly interested in whatever she has to say.  

Miles runs around someone’s backyard.

Rachel asks about Ben. Charlie tells her that Miles is here. Rachel is noticeably worried about this. Are we supposed to suspect that she and Miles had a thing? Man, it’d be great if Danny and Charlie weren’t even Ben’s kids. Neither of them is book-smart like Rachel or Ben, and Miles, though great at fighting, isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Strauss shows up and threatens to rape them. Dude’s got issues.

Miles is in Neville’s house. He has Julia or Juliet or whatever at sabre point. He barters for his new friends in return for her. He and Neville have a bit of a Mexican standoff (as much of one as you can have without both parties having guns, anyway) and we cut to commercial.

Back from commercial. Miles has Neville unload his gun. He doesn’t seem to realise what a terrible idea threatening Julia/et, as that’s the one thing Neville cares about. I guess Nate/Jason still half comatose upstairs?  Miles says, quote, “I just want my family back.” Uh, okay Harrison Ford. Neville looks at his pleading wife and says he has no choice. He tells Miles to wait.

Danny, meanwhile, has been congealing somewhere. There’s a big blond family reunion as Strauss throws Rachel and Charlie in with him. Hitler sheds a little tear for their Aryan beauty.

Neville comes back with Nora and Aaron. He informs Miles that Charlie and Danny are gone. He tells them the kids are at the power plant north of the city. Miles looks like he weighs the option of invading the place with the wifey at sword-point. Neville promises to kill him one day. They get trapped in the closet.

At the power plant, Monroe stops by to deliver some weak threats. As crazy as he is, his threats feel a lot emptier than Strauss’s. He holds up the pendant and explains the amplifier that Rachel built. Charlie is angry with her mom for this. Catching up on all that teen angst in one fell swoop! Strauss is going to pick a kid to kill to “encourage” Rachel. Charlie tries to tell her mom to let them both die to protect the rest of the world. Rachel hesitates, so Charlie instead tells Strauss to pick her. Rachel tells them to stop; if they just kill zero of her children, she will build their amplifier. I’m sorry, but why didn’t someone kidnap those kids fifteen years ago, when they were children and absolutely no threat? Ben planted them in one place, it’s not like they were going anywhere, and something tells me they weren’t that hard to find.

Miles, Nora, and Aaron sneak across a field to the power plant. Miles is unsure of how to get in, but Aaron has a plan! This will end just fine, I’m positive.

Rachel tinkers with her amplifier.

Oh hey! Mark Pellegrino! He just showed up in Supernatural! I forgot he is in this. He’s in so many shows I have seen, it’s unreal. I don’t even know his name in this one because it’s not on IMDB. Monroe explains to him about Miles. Well, sort of- there’s not much to explain because Monroe is crazy and on a power trip and logic doesn’t apply to people like that.

Flashback time! Two years pre-blackout. Monroe is hitting the booze in a cemetery. Wow, he does a good drunk, I’ll give him that. Miles tells him to calm down. Sebastian gets maudlin. Talks about death and Iraq and stuff. His family died on the way to Harry Potter. Sucks. At least it wasn’t Twilight (lookin’ at you, Mr. Burke).  Tears are shed, and Miles says he’ll be there for his friend. D’aww. Bromance! He asks for Monroe’s gun, which we did not see until now.

Charlie and Danny are in their cell. I think Danny has grown several feet since the start of this season. They try to sneak out a vent, but Charlie whacks a dude with the vent cover and grabs his gun. Danny looks a little emasculated.

Aaron is leading the group to an intake pipe for the condensers. Nora tells him to stay outside with the pipe bombs, Just In Case. Really I think he’d just be a nuisance to them inside.

Rachel keeps plugging away at her amplifier. She turns on the pendant and some stuff starts firing. Looks suspiciously like a flux capacitor. She has her consternated face on.

Everyone is sneaking about the complex. Danny and Charlie make their way into what looks vaguely like a level from Goldeneye. There is more shooting. Monroe tells Rachel to keep at it while his men check out the ruckus. Before Danny and Charlie can get shot, Miles shows up and stabs some people. He is briefly introduced to Danny, and informed that Rachel is alive. Their conversation is terminated by bullets.

Strauss comes onto Rachel. She attacks him with a hammer. Stuff gets SUPER rapey. Rachel manages to grab a knife and kill him. As he dies, she strongly suggests that he actually did rape her at some point. Miles comes to get Rachel. They look like they’re about to have a moment, but she slaps him. Mark Pellegrino comes in to kill them, but hero rules apply and they’re fine.

Dun dun dun. Miles is face to face with his old brosky. Flashbacks to playing as kids. They were violent little shits. Miles opens fire on him, sniping off his defenders. They stare at each other down a hallway, guns pointed at each other. Flashback again. They’re drawing the tattoos on themselves with sharpie.

Miles asks why Rachel has been prisoner for so long. Monroe, disappointingly, does not actually answer him. Miles says Rachel is also his family. Monroe is all, “Naw, brah, you’re my brah.” Monroe puts down his gun and tells Miles to do the same. Wow, Monroe is a needy bastard. He invites Miles back into the militia. You know, I would absolutely love if the twist here is that Sebastian is legitimately in love with Miles. They have the best chemistry of anyone else on this show, so it kind of works. Anyway, Monroe is still rambling about how Miles can’t kill him because they are brothers. Miles apologises, putting down his gun. But really he’s sorry he didn’t kill him the first time. Monroe is straight crazy now and they aren’t family. Of course, Miles let Monroe get too close, so now they have to kill each other without the gun. They pull out their swords, because transparent writing is the norm for this show.

Nora tells the Mathesons that Aaron is on the whole “escape” plan. Rachel doesn’t seem confident about that.

More sword fighting! Monroe looks really weaselly when he gets sweaty. Marky P and the gang shoot at Miles. Aaron finally gets his C4 lit. The Mathesons + Nora run out of the hole. At the last minute Miles joins them. They run out into a field, where they watch a helicopter take off. Presumably this is not a steam-powered helicopter. Its guns fire up, and we cut to black. I guess we’ll have to wait until 2013 to watch them not get shot.

Coming in 2013: the battle for power continues! Wow, writers. Your metaphors are disgustingly transparent. In spite of the flak I give this show, it’s still the best rated drama on NBC. And in fact, I know several people who watch it actively, though they all feel indifferently towards it. The fact that it’s currently well-rated and not blatantly terrible (except for last week) could be a good thing. Hopefully now that the show has earned its place, the writers can pull together plotlines that actually bring the characters together, instead of constantly separating them. It seems like most of the driving action puts the characters on their own. I’m all about growing as an individual, but relationships are what make a show really interesting. I want to see people grow based on their interactions with the people around them, not because they had to face their morals and shoot some guy. The best thing we have right now is Neville and his wife; I’d love to see more with his struggle to become top dog and her goading him along. That’s it for Revolution this year; come back in 2013 if the Mayans turn out to be wrong.

Written or Contributed by Dr. Improbable

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Staff Writer

Postby IvCNuB4 » Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:29 am

I stopped watching this show after the first episode :lol:
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Outhouse Drafter

Postby Grayson » Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:57 am

IvCNuB4 wrote:I stopped watching this show after the first episode :lol:

I had really high hopes for this show, so I watched the first 3 episodes but then it became abundantly clear that the main character, Charlie, was going to be an intolerable little brat and I quit watching.
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Steroid User

Postby DrImprobable » Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:40 pm

If it wasn't my job to vomit words about it, I would probably stop watching it. It would open up idea wine time.

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