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Review: Atomic Robo The Ghost of Station X

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:56 am

Review: Atomic Robo The Ghost of Station X
In England a building vanishes. In space some astronauts need to be rescued and Robo is the man/robot for the job. Alan Turing does something and a 18 Wheeler will save the day.

Atomic Robo and his fellow co-workers at Tesladyne are going to be faced with some hard to solve mysteries, will be hunted, persecuted and will have to fend off against a kindred spirit.

Beside the full story arc of The Ghost of Station X this volume collects the last Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Atomic Robo issue.

How is it?

Review: Atomic Robo The Ghost of Station X
Special Delivery
A building goes missing in good old England. Oddly there seems to no record of the building ever existed. If not for the exposed foundations and the memory of the some historians there would be no evidence of the building's existence. The current day Sparrow asks Robo for Help, but he is tied up so he sends my favorite Tesladyne team to help out. Will they help or destroy the world?

At the same time, but across the ocean, Tesladyne receives an urgent call from NASA requesting Robo's help to rescue some astronauts stuck in space. Of course Robo rushes to space any way he can to save the day. Needless to say nothing goes according to plan and ends in a blazing horror. In other words, just another day at the office for Atomic Robo.

Atomic Robo The Ghost of Station X is and action, mystery and humorous book. Both this plots are unveiled in the first 3 chapters of the book. At first is a bit confusing, but like any good mystery story, it all comes together very nicely near the end. The ending is very rewarding.

Like in most Atomic Robo stories, here Brian Clevinger enriches the relationship between the book and the reader with references to real life aspects. Lovecraft, Tesla, Addison, Einstein have been present in previous volumes in one way or another. This time is Alan Turing's turn to make a contribution.

Review: Atomic Robo The Ghost of Station X
The FCBD issue is all about jungle giant pre-historic chickens that were thought to be extinct. Its pure entertaining. It won't add anything to the Atomic Robo Universe but its a very funny short story very much worth the read.

Brian Clevinger has a knack to villainize classic personalities, theories and achievements in the various fields of science. As a result Robo is that much interesting to read, especially if you're a sci-fi buff.

Art wise Scott Wegener does a great job as is expected. The art style of Atomic Robo is just the right amount of goofy, vibrant and dynamic. Scott manages to give lots of expression impact to Robo with just the eyes to work. Its a delight to see.

Review: Atomic Robo The Ghost of Station X


This is classic Atomic Robo. If you never read a Atomic Robo story don't worry, that is not a problem. While there is a certain continuity in Robo's Universe its not very strong and not at all intrusive. There is one joke and one minor reference in this book that you won't understand if this is your first Robo book. Brian and Scott makes sure each arc is more or less self-explanatory.

The Ghost of Station X is a fun and funny book, packed with action and weird science and glorious sci-fi from start to finish. Its a great daily commute read. I've loved all Atomic Robo books thus far and this 6th volume is continuing that trend. Highly recommended.

Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Year: 2012
Pages: 152
Authors: Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener

Originally Published at Reading Graphic Novels


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