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Superman Recruits The Justice League For "H'El On Earth"

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:35 pm

Superman Recruits The Justice League For

Scott Lobdell talks Superman #16

Source: DC Blog


Back in August teases and hints of "H'El On Earth" were reported on in this Outhouse article.  

This week, readers who picked up Superman #15 on Wednesday found out that the Man of Steel will recruit the Justice League to help to put a stop to the plans of H’El. 
In a Press Release at the DC Blog, writer Scott Lobdell goes into more detail about what's coming up.
“There's a fight coming up between Flash and Supergirl, and when it was originally being written, one of the initial thoughts was, well, Flash is a member of the Justice League, so Kara would have to think twice about going up against these powerful heroes,” writer Scott Lobdell teased about the upcoming Superman #16. “But again, that's just not true with these characters. As far as I can tell, Kara has been on Earth for about three weeks and hasn't met the Justice League. And she sees them as a bunch of people in costumes with kind of limited superpowers. As far as she's concerned, a group of people trying to express authority over her when she's trying to get Krypton back on its feet, she would have no personal regard or even respect for the Justice League.”
Be sure to check out more from Lobdell about Superman #16 and “H’El on Earth,” in interviews that run this week at MTV GEEK, COMIC VINE, and NEWSARAMA.
Below is a panel of interior art and cover for Superman #16, and the cover for Supergirl #16.



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