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Review: Hell Yeah Volume 1 Last Day on Earths

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Jan 25, 2013 12:16 pm

Review: Hell Yeah Volume 1 Last Day on Earths
Ben Day lives in a world where Super-Heroes came to be a generation ago. Ben is the son of war hero Daniel Day. Ben goes to the best University available. The University where all the super-powered youth studies, has loving parents but he's still only a teenager. As such Ben is still searching for his place in the world.

One day Ben gets a visit from three super-powered teenage girls that came to protect him. Turns out that someone is killing all the Ben Days in the multiverse for an unknown reason and this Ben is one of the last ones alive.

Welcome to the worth day of Ben's life.

How is it?

Hell Yeah Volume 1 is all about fast pace action and quick shock reveals. In Hell Yeah the multiverse is a reality. While travelling between dimension is forbidden, it occasionally happens. One day Cosmonaut, DieDieDie and I Heart Lasers come into Ben Day's dimension to protect him from a mysterious killer that is assassinating the Ben Day's of every dimension.

Review: Hell Yeah Volume 1 Last Day on Earths
The first wave of super-heores

Joe Keatinge goes right to the point and the main plot is established early on. I feel Joe lost a couple of opportunities by not fleshing out more the "main" Ben Day's world or even some other reality Ben's. The killer's identity is soon revealed and the potential shock somewhat lost because it comes too early in the story. If Joe had took the time to have the reader bond more with the characters this reveal would have a much bigger impact.

Halfway in we're introduced to Benoite, a female version of Ben Day. She is the only other Ben that gets a backstory. Benoite's role in this story is not as pivotal as I initial hoped. But I believe she will come back in future story arcs.

Review: Hell Yeah Volume 1 Last Day on Earths
Benoite's family

Side note, in Portuguese noite means night, so we have a male Ben Day and a female Ben Night. This probably is just a coincidence, but I still found it funny.
Review: Hell Yeah Volume 1 Last Day on Earths
Please do
Andre Skymanowicz is in charge of the art in Hell Yeah. And does a good job. The permutations of Ben Days are nice to see. I liked the old man in the trenchant and the killer in armor the best. These two characters are very distinct from the rest and always a joy to see. Andre's art would benefit from a higher degree of detain in the character models and the backgrounds. The only thing I didn't like was the way he represented the gore.

Andre showed promise in this book, I believe the next volumes will show an increase in the quality of his work.


Hell Yeah Volume 1 is a nice book. Good concept thus far and the ending leaves some very interesting doors open. However the execution could be better. The instant and primal gratification is searched a little more than desired. A little less punching and a bit more fleshing out of the characters and the next volume could be great.

Still, this is a fun book with new twists on old sci-fi favorite themes, interesting art and a action packed plot. If you're into these action packed super-hero type books then this is for you. If you prefer more depth in your comics, then give it a pass.

Publisher: Image Comics
Year: 2012
Pages: 128
Authors: Joe Keatinge, Andre Szymanowicz

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