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John Byrne's Doomsday.1 to be Better Because of .1 on End of Title

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:20 pm

John Byrne's Doomsday.1 to be Better Because of .1 on End of Title

IDW announced a new mini-series by John Byrne, and then upped the ante by adding .1 to the title of the book.

Source: Press Release

Today, IDW sent out a press release announcing Doomsday.1, a four-issue miniseries by comics legend John Byrne which follows the adventures of the crew of a space station following the destruciton of the Earth. The comic is being heralded as a return to roots for Byrne, who claims that it will be in the style of his first dramatic comics work. More importantly, however, the comic has a .1 tacked onto the end of the title, which makes it way better than if the comic did not have a .1 tacked onto the end. Because.

"We really liked developing this series with John," said Chris Ryall, genius editor in chief of IDW comics, "but we felt like it was missing something. It had great art and an interesting concept, but it just needed something to really put it over the top in terms of quality and marketability. Then, one night while I was sleeping, an angel came to me in a dream and said, 'Chris Ryall! Thou shalt add a .1 to the end of John Byrne's Doomsday, and the comic shalt be fucking awesome.' And I was like 'Oh shit, you're right, thanks angel.' And he was like, 'don't worry about it bro.' At least I think it was a he. Angels wear dresses so it's hard to tell if they're male or female. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Angels can wear whatever they want, you know?"

"Statistically, comics that end in .1 are more gooder than comics that do not end in .1," said a notable comic industry insider. "You might not know this, but the cost of adding a .1 to the end of a book's title is insignificant, while the gains are huge. I mean, imagine if this comic were simply called 'Doomsday.' 'Ho hum,' you would probably say, 'there's no .1 on the end of this comic. I think I'll spend my money on something else, preferably something that has a .1 in the title.' But once you add the .1, the entire perception of the book changes. 'This is something special,' you say. 'It has a .1 on the end.' It's a proven concept."

We tried to get someone to explain why comics with a .1 are better than comics without a .1, but no one seemed to be able to provide a reasonable explanation. It's just an accepted fact, and who are we to challenge it?

"Dammit!" said Joe Quesada, head honcho of Marvel Comics, upon hearing about Doomsday.1. "We've been putting a .1 on the end of our issue numbers for a while now, and that's been pretty sweet, I think everyone has to admit, but we never even thought to put the .1 on the end of the title. IDW has totally outmaneuvered us here and I'm worried they make take our spot as the number one comic book company because of this."

"Dammit Joe!," continued Quesada, smacking himself hard in the head. "Dammit!"

Doomsday.1 #1 (of 4) will be in stores on May 19, and will weigh in at 32 pages for just $3.99. Then, in retaliation, look for All New X-Men #10.1.Infinity from Marvel in June, followed by Doomsday.1+Infinity+1 #2 (of 4) from IDW in July, and All New X-Men #11.1.Infinity+Infinity in August. Here's the press release:

 It’s DOOMSDAY for John Byrne!
The Comics Legend Launches a New Series!

San Diego, CA (January 30, 2013) – IDW Publishing is happy to announce DOOMSDAY.1, a new four-issue miniseries coming in May from legendary comics mastermind John Byrne! Harkening back to Byrne’s earliest days in comics, DOOMSDAY.1 tells the thrilling tale of seven adventurous astronauts, who watch in horror, aloft in the International Space Station, as most of Earth is annihilated by a titanic solar flare.

“I've been thinking for some time that I would like to revisit a post-apocalypse kind of scenario, such as was seen in my very first ‘dramatic’ work in comics, but this time without the more obvious fantasy elements of that original series (mermaids, alien robots, frozen mammoths, etc.),” said Byrne. “When bits and pieces of this new series first started to percolate around in my head, I knew almost at once the shape that ‘revisit’ would take; something in the ‘All-New, All-Different’ vein. And the first time I doodled some images of my ‘crew,’ I knew I was there!"

When all communication is lost and their home appears destroyed, what are the intrepid astronauts to do? Prepare to cling to a new life in zero gravity, waiting for the space stations supplies to dwindle to nothing? That doesn’t sound very adventurous, now does it? No, the true thrills of DOOMSDAY.1 come when the seven stranded heroes descend back to their decimated home world to confront the dangers left behind by the universe’s cruel ravaging!

“As much as I enjoyed seeing John work on the various licensed titles we’ve done, it’s a continued blast to work with him in developing new concept after new concept this year,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief. “If Earth has to be destroyed in a flaming conflagration, there’s no one I’d rather see bring that carnage and its aftermath to life than JB.”

This May, a brave new world comes with a brave new series. Don’t be left behind as John Byrne embarks on this fantastic new voyage! Fans will be treated to Byrne on full-color art and writing duties and subscribers will receive a special wraparound subscription variant, packed full of the John Byrne sci-fi magic we all know and love!

DOOMSDAY.1 #1 of 4 – (FC, 32 pages, $3.99), in stores 5/19/13.

Written or Contributed by Jude Terror


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