North Carolina Bound...The DC Comics Boxed Lunch

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North Carolina Bound...The DC Comics Boxed Lunch

Postby LOLtron » Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:50 pm

North Carolina Bound...The DC Comics Boxed Lunch

DC Comics is having a creative summit this weekend. We want to know what people are eating for lunch.

Source: We're mocking this Bleeding Cool Article. Because it's really lame.

This weekend sees DC comics creators from across the country head to Charlotte, North Carolina, for a creative summit, with editors and publishers on hand.

That’s if they can escape blizzard bound New York.

There will be workshops, brainstorms and lectures, and it is likely that the future of the New 52 will be hammered out (or presented at the show).

What we don't know is what will be served for lunch.  Where DC creators can stuff their faces for free and get a little bit of joy in knowing that their company cares enough to feed them while they piss away a weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina.

So it was suggested that the Outhouse take suggestions on what DC should serve.  Why?  Because it's almost as stupid as running a suggestion box in which creators can whine to Rich Johnston about DC's woes so he can get lots of juicy gossip and run it under the guise of half-truths over the next few months.  

So DC creators, what do you want to eat this weekend?  We'll publish the results tonight and use it to launch some self-serving articles next week!

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Title: Fun for the Whole Family!!

Re: North Carolina Bound...The DC Comics Boxed Lunch

Postby Herald » Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:23 pm

LOLtron wrote:That’s if they can escape blizzard bound New York.

Better call Kurt!!


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