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Review: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Volume 10 War

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:06 am

Review: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Volume 10 War
Zayne Carrick, being the unluckiest man in the Universe, finds himself in the middle of the Republic/Mandalorian War. He doesn't want to kill or hurt anyone so being in the battle field is a major problem.

In Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Volume 10 War Zayne has to serve the Republic under a totalitarian Captain that as no concern about human life and little respect for his men. What will happen when they get ambushed by the Mandalorians in an outer rim planet far away from any backup?

Zayne will try to keep his brothers in arms save while at the same time he refusing to take up arms, even to defend himself.

How is it?

Zayne is one of the bravest good guys created in the last decade in the Star Wars Universe. He went against his masters, the Jedi Council and the Republic army to stay alive and clear his name. And in that time he couldn't stop helping those who couldn't help themselves. Zayne is not a Jedi nor he is a typical force sensitive. He isn't very skilled with a lightsaber and his special connection to the force is so unpredictable that it isn't any good in a fight. And still he ventures on.

Review: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Volume 10 War
Its a trap
In this book Zayne gets drafted to the Republican army and shipped off to fight the Mandarolians. With some twists and turns of fate and the help of some Republican traitors, Zayne and most of his companions get captured by the enemy. The Mandarolians don't take prisoners. Instead they either put the captured soldiers to work as slaves or incorporate them into the Mandalorian army.

In order to regain his freedom, thwart the plans of the Mandalorians and stop the Republican traitors Zayne comes up with this very convoluted plan to steal a ship from the Mandalorians and get back into Republican space in time to stop the Republican traitors from executing a deadly attack.

And here is the problem of this book. The plot is awful, the characterization of Zayne is dreadful and the characters motivations are anything but believable. Zayne never was a mastermind. He was only one not very skilled padwan that had a strange connection to the force.

Review: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Volume 10 War
Cavalry charge

Another thing that bothered me is how is it that a guy that eluded the his Jedi masters, the Jedi council and the Republican army for so long gets drafted against his will and without putting up a fight? This doesn't make any sense. Neither does his unwillingness to pick up his lightsaber and fight for what he believes.

Even if you take the continuity out of the equation this story is still awful. Its just not a good book.

Art wise its not that bad. I guess the artists made a good enough job, but nothing praise worth.


It pains me to say that you should stay away from this one, especially if you're a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic fan. I loved this series, but after the closure of the original story arc (Volume 6) it never regained the original appeal back, and this last volume just brought this book down several notches.

Publisher: Dark Horse
Year: 2012
Pages: 120
Authors: John Jackson Miller, Dave Marshall, Andrea Mutti, Gigi Baldassini

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