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Amazing Spider-Man Set Photos Overload Outhouse Newsroom

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Feb 26, 2013 2:49 pm

Amazing Spider-Man Set Photos Overload Outhouse Newsroom

With too many jokes, The Outhouse is forced to abandon the article and have a "stiff" drink.

Source: 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Photos: What Are We Seeing?

This morning, MTV.com posted an article highlighting a new photo from Amazing Spider-Man 2 that finally gave us an idea of what the storyline will be about: Spider-Man’s 3 hour erection…

No, wait, are we sure that’s where we want to go with this? Royal Nonesuch’s “The Amazing Spider-Boner” was a fun idea.  Or, you know, we could make like this is the Vivid XXX parody version.  There are just so many directions we could go! For instance:

  • In the wake of Twilight, is Hollywood going to start regarding crotch bulges as the next cleavage?
  • MTV: "'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Photos: What Are We Seeing?"
    • "What are we seeing?" indeed.
    • Well, MTV, it appears to be an aroused Andrew Garfield in really tight spandex.
  • Is that webbing in his pocket or is he just happy to see us?
  • Spider-Man: Peeping Tom?
  • “I’ll have what he’s having”
  • He’s the real Man Of Steel.
  • Wow, they must have prettied Mary Jane up!
  • Wow, they must have really prettied Harry Osborn up!

We have too many choices, we can't decide, can't decide. Brain aneurysm!  So we turn to you, our faithful readers. Come up with the jokes you wanted us to write. We don’t have the energy.

Written or Contributed by GHERU


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