Less Marvel & Star Wars at SDCC?

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Less Marvel & Star Wars at SDCC?

Postby LOLtron » Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:31 pm

Less Marvel & Star Wars at SDCC?

Now that Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars, will they have a smaller footprint at SDCC in favor of Disney's own D23 Expo?

Source: SDCC Unofficial Blog

   The SDCC Unofficial Blog brought up some interesting thoughts today on how Disney's ownership of Marvel and Star wars might effect what we see from them at SDCC.

Simple economics would seem to indicate that it is unwise of Disney to give something away free at a show other than their own; this is even more true when their own show is only three weeks later.

   They go on to point out that even Marvel's presence has not been the same since Disney bought them, the only exception being non-D23 Expo years, like last year when they had a huge Iron Man setup.  In 2011, most of their huge Avengers moments were saved for their own Expo.

The “Avengers Assemble” moment of 2010 in Hall H was moved a month later and a little over an hour up the coast to the Anaheim Convention Center where D23 opened its doors to a whole new world of fans.

   Expect this to extend to Star Wars, another property that has a consistant presence at SDCC.  Due to the Clone Wars cancelation, we may not see much from them this year as it stands, with Disney wanting to pull back on TV content to "keep fans hungry" for Star Wars as we get closer to Episode VII.

   WonderCon may already be feeling the changes, as no Marvel presence shows up on the exhibitor map.

There may still be an Iron Man 3 panel since D23 Expo is long after the film will appear in theaters. But even if that it the case the removal of the booth, giveaways and formal signings is something to be noticed.

   Not to say that there will be no Marvel or Star Wars presence at SDCC, but it's obvious that the landscape has changed and with Disney hosting their own events a short time later, they may continue to hold onto the biggest announcements and events for their own show.  And as the Unofficial Blog points out, between the properties of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars, they now have the ability to turn their own expo into something to rival CCI conventions.



Written or Contributed by xaraan



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Re: Less Marvel & Star Wars at SDCC?

Postby Pink_Orchid » Thu Mar 14, 2013 3:50 pm

I expect the frenzy of SDCC to die down a bit. Now that Twilight is done, if Disney does take their toys home, other than the Hobbit movies I don't know what would be a huge draw for non-comic fans.

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