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SPACE 2013: Stephen Hines

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:00 am

SPACE 2013: Stephen Hines

As SPACE 2013 approaches, the Indy Hunter talks to Stephen Hines about what's new with him this year.


Okay, here we go!

 Mr. Hines, how are the kids treatin' ya? I remember last time we talked teacher were getting the brunt of some dumb-ass decisions out there in the "real world", any improvement on that front?

The kids have mostly been treating me well. :) They were beginning to get obnoxious right before spring break (which started today) but that happens every year.

Ohio's governor continues to cut our funding (sneakily while claiming he isn't) and the and the suits in education seem to be multiplying like rabbits. Instead of maintaing low student to teacher ratios, administrators are burying us with burn out-inducing work loads while they do less than ever, as they smile all the way to the bank.

Sigh. Enough bitching.

On Greener Pastures...

So, last time we spoke,(officially), you were exhibiting at the SPACE show with your books. Tell new readers about them, and tell us how each went with the SPACE crowd.

1. Icon-O-Plastic (along with the soundtrack CD)

Icon-O-Plastic sold very well, as did the CD. I was VERY happy with how the project was received.




2. Valedictorian USA issues 1-3

Valedictorian USA continues to grow on people like a fungus, and I'm cool with that. :)

3. Crackerstacker issues 1-3

Crackerstacker sells very well at SPACE and, oddly enough, it sold the best at a horror/sci-fi con I did over the summer. How odd that autobiographical mini-comics went over with that particular crowd!

To SPACE and Beyond...

What did you take away from a show like SPACE?

I took away a recharged creative battery! After SPACE I always want to do nothing but create more comics and devour all of the amazing material I bought from other creators.

What was the most bizarre, memorable experience on SPACE weekend, either at the show or post-show? Give us something juicy man, my reader demand meaty-ness!

Hmm...nothing really meaty happened that I can remember. As for memorable, I had the chance to provide a former student with his first SPACE exhibitor experience (as payment for singing on the Icon-O-Plastic soundtrack CD). It was fantastic seeing his face light up with wonder at all of the comicy goodness. His table was unmanned at least 50% of the time because he kept wandering off to buy more comics.

SPACE 2013… We Survived the Mayans!

Only because of that human sacrifice we conducted… er, I mean, symbolically. Ahem.

So Round 2 (is it? How many years again at the show exhibiting?) - what are we gonna see from you this year at the show?

This year will be our 4th year exhibiting.

Valedictorian USA #4 will be debuting, as well as issue #1 of a 3 comic miniseries called Zombie Fabulous! The artist (Aaron Lindeman) and I just wrapped up a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that ended (this morning) with the project being a little over 200% funded.

Zombie Fabulous, by the way, is about drag queens who come back as zombies. Imagine being a decaying shuffler who still longs to be glamtastically fabulous! The horror!

As far as your craft, you've had a year in between shows. How has that time treated you? Your craft? What have you've picked up since then?

I've definitely learned that mainstream cons are not for me, although I will test out some horror cons to see how Zombie Fabulous goes over. My stuff never sells well at "capes n' spandex" dominated conventions. Maybe that's because I don't write about superheroes. Plus, most of those cons bring in big name celebs and fans tend to (understandably) spend their money and time on them instead of indie folks.

As far as my writing/illustrating craft go, I think I'm too close to them to adequately judge. In creative endeavors I do better if I just follow my gut without second guessing myself. If I start letting my conscious mind get in the way the work tends to get boring due to me trying to be overly intellectual/artistic...and NOBODY wants that! Hahaha!

Tell the people who can't make the show (shame on you, okay, okay me too), where they can find you and your work sir!

All of my non-mini-comic works are available through my website: All of my comics are available electronically at DriveThru Comics and Oh, and I have a young adult novel available through paper and Kindle.

Indy Hunter Ramblings...

How much coffee have you had during this interview? I'm on cup 2.

I've downed 2 and have moved on to a bottle of Smartwater. :) And I really have to pee but I'm trapped beneath a sleeping Maine Coon cat! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Written or Contributed by J.M. Hunter


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