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How do I going to start a comic book collection?

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Rain Partier

Postby Rockman » Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:03 pm

You should get some bags and boards to protect the comic books and prevent accidental bending. A local comic shop should be able to sell them or various places across the web.

Do you want current series, or are you looking for some long running series to pick up?

How much? Refer to part 2. Comic book collecting can be an expensive endeavor when you consider the sheer amount of books in certain series, or not too bad if you get a limited series. Ultimately you won't have to worry about collecting the entire collection of whatever you chose right away because back issues are generally plentiful. If you're willing to put time and patience into it you will have a fun rewarding hobby.
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Postby Zenguru » Fri Apr 26, 2013 1:02 am

kamii wrote:I want to start a comic book collection, but I got a few problems.

1. What do I need to protect my comic books?
2. What are some great comic book series?
3. Who much is this going to cost me?

Your comic shop will provide you with supplies for protecting your comics. I get the regular new comic size bags and boards. If you buy older comics, there are bigger size bags and boards. Some 70's comics take Silver Age size.

I think to start, look for comics that relate to books you like to read. Or movies or programs you like to watch. Superhero comics can be tricky. Especially when they crossover with each other. If you're worried about expense, consider comics that rarely coincide with each other.

There's a bunch of Batman related books now. It's insane. I stick with just Batman. It's the main book, so it has the best creative team. Just be careful that it's really easy to buy a lot. Stick to what you like, and you'll do fine.

And you're part of a community now. Ask us about some books you're interested in. We'll be honest.

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