North Korea Convinced Genosha Exists And That Marvel Is Lying To Them

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North Korea Convinced Genosha Exists And That Marvel Is Lying To Them

Postby LOLtron » Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:57 am

North Korea Convinced Genosha Exists And That Marvel Is Lying To Them

After South Korea extracted all of its citizens from a North Korean factory, the isolated country turns to the fictional country of Genosha and their mutate slaves.

Source: Seoul pulls workers out of North Korea factory complex, ending cooperative experiment

Reports out of New York state that Marvel CCO, Joe Quesada, has been on the receiving end of many a angry phone call and email exchange with North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un, over the location and contact information for the Genoshan government.

“I tried to explain to Mr. Un that not only was Genosha not real, but that it was destroyed in 2001,” Quesada told The Outhouse “but he just kept yelling something about spoilers and demanded that I provide him with a way to contact someone called Genegineer”

It would appear that the most recent issues of X-Men Kim Jong-Un has access to take place either before or during the 1990 x-book event; X-Tinction Agenda. That Mr. Quesada had no idea who Genegineer was came as no surprise considering Marvel’s distain for continuity and historical knowledge.

Kim Jong-Un’s office has not responded to any requests for comment, but The Outhouse has no way to the location of North Korea’s sole mail sail-boat.

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