Next on RGN #5

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Next on RGN #5

Postby LOLtron » Thu May 09, 2013 9:21 am

Next on RGN #5
My last comic book orders finally arrived. HUZZAH!

This means new books to read, new adventures to have. From future semi-religious fiction to century old fantasy, going through the modern ramblings of a British chap, my next train rides are going to be really cool.

It was hard to choose were to start, so many good concepts and interesting art styles to choose from.

Next on RGN #5
Punk Rock Jesus
Punk Rock Jesus was my first pick. Why? Its from Sean Murphy and it's concept stood out from the

In the near future a big TV corporation creates a Big Brother like reality show that stars a close of Jesus Christ. Everything is controlled by them, from the virgin mother to the color of his eyes. J2 (the name of the reality show) follows the life of Chris (the clone) from before his birth until the day it all comes crashing down.

Together with an ex-IRA bodyguard Chris will change the World. Perhaps not as it was intended to be and surely not in a way Chris himself predicted.

This review will be posted next Saturday, 11th of May.

I've not decided what book to read next. The choices are:

Next on RGN #5
Next on RGN #5
Skullkickers Volume 3

Next on RGN #5
Oz: Road to Oz
Next on RGN #5
Judge Dredd Origins

What would you choose?

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