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Review: Deadpool #9

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu May 09, 2013 3:32 pm

Review: Deadpool #9

A little better than last issue.

Last month when I reviewed Deadpool eight, I didn't really think it was all that good;

In that review I said; “Like most Deadpool books there is a lot of funny one liners but overall I think this issue was mediocre at best. For this being the set-up issue for a new arc, I wasn’t really blown away with it. The ending was out of left field and until it is known why someone would steal his kidney, I’m not changing my stance on the book. I have enjoyed this series overall but this issue was a bust.”

While I'm not changing my stance on number eight (yet), the issue of his kidney is not addressed at all in number nine. It is mentioned but the book doesn't go into great detail about it, so why did it even happen? So far this whole kidney thing seems pretty random. I wasn't expecting this book to be all about why his kidney was taken instead of Wade focusing on the Vetis' hit list but I don't get why it even happened at all.

The hit list Deadpool is tasked with completing for the demon Vetis gets another name crossed off with the Merc' taking out a knock-off Aquaman. In the process of that hit, Wade along with the ghost of Ben Franklin and Michael the necromancer search for a secret library which may contain the right spell to remove agent Preston from Deadpool's brain.

Despite Micheal having what appears to be the right spell, Deadpool has a plan to solve this whole mess with Vetis, agent Preston and Micheal by killing the necromancer to send him to Hell to deal with Vetis' boss. This plan to have Michael solve all their problems by going to Hell seems like a pretty big gamble that only time will tell how it turns out.

With a lack of explanation on last month's ending, this issue could have been better. It wasn't awful or as bad as eight but it was underwhelming. The best part of this issue was some classic Deadpool violence that we haven't seen for a while. If one likes a Deadpool book with a some good killings in it, then check it out. Otherwise its another pass. 

Written or Contributed by Jim Gramm

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Christopher Shafer


Postby Christopher Shafer » Thu May 09, 2013 7:08 pm

I'm thinking the organ snatching thing has to do with his impending team-up with Cap and Wolvie.



Postby jgramm » Thu May 09, 2013 8:17 pm

I hope so, then I can make some sense out of it

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