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Avengers Arena #9 (Robot-riding Nutty Bar Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri May 10, 2013 10:31 am

This issue explains just what the deal was when Katy (AKA Apex) turned into a dude at the end of the last instalment. It isn’t some weird transsexual secret, but instead something much more comic-booky (it’s weird that the idea of someone just being transsexual is considered more out-there than what’s actually going on, but that’s comics I suppose, I suppose I need to check my cis privilege etc etc, but whatever), as due to genetic tampering, Katy and Tim Bashir are twins that have to share the same body a la Captain Marvel and Rick Jones. Katy is bad, Tim is good, it’s a simple concept, and it works, especially as a way to sow discord amongst the various teenagers.

Some of them think they should kill Tim now to stop Katy coming back, whilst others want to show mercy. In the end, they let him live, and he has a touching romantic scene with Death-Locket. But in the end, he turns back into his evil sister, who takes control of Death-Locket and then… breaks Juston’s neck and steals his Sentinel! Holy shit! Juston is dead! Hopeless, you son of a bitch. I need to check Tumblr again to see the fall-out of this, it better be good.

Away from the weird Apex stuff, is the development that Nico and Chase seem to have irrevocably split over the fact that Chase really wanted to kill Tim and also because he hid his Darkhawkness from everyone. I’m sure this broke the heart of every Runaways fan out there, and it was certainly shocking. That’s what’s so good about this book, it’s genuinely surprising. My only real complaint was the use of ‘bullocks’, I’m not sure if it’s just because Hopeless doesn’t know how to spell ‘bollocks’ or hopefully that it was just a way to get the word around Marvel’s standards and practices. Bollocks is an amazing word, I don’t want to see it ruined and I’ll write an angry Tumblr blog about it!

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