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Cable & X-Force #8 (Space. The Final Frontier. Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu May 16, 2013 10:29 am

I feel like this book has really found it’s groove now. Cable has a premonition about a future disaster, the team thwart it, but only end up digging a deeper hole for themselves as fugitive terrorists. It’s a cool hook for a series and I like how Cable really does have everyone after him.

In this issue, we find out that the reason X-Force busted the creepy Spider-Alien out of prison was because a bunch of other aliens who were pissed at him for his crimes were coming to Earth to take out both him, and the planet. Cable explains this to Agent Brand (it’s always good to see her show up, a great addition to the Marvel Universe), and she agrees to help them as long as Cable and the rest of X-Force agree to turn themselves in. Which of course they don’t. I’m not so sure I buy Brand being that gullible, but I suppose in her situation you have to try anything you can.

In between that glorious double-cross, there are some really cool moments, I loved Colossus being shot out a missile chute as a ‘Spaceball Special’ and Domino showed some real brass balls in standing up to ‘Kliktok The Cruel’. I also dug how Dennis Hopeless poked fun at Sci-Fi conventions by saying the alien dialogue was ‘translated from crazy alien’, a fun little bit and one that shows he’s having fun. Salvador Larroca continues to deliver his usual consistency on art, he’s just so good, and even better because he’s so fast.

At the end, Brand calls in Havok (shown inexplicably and hilariously eating a banana) and the rest of the Uncanny Avengers to take down his nephew. Hopeless has been teasing this confrontation since the first issue, it should be good.

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