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Batman Incorporated #11 (Teamwork, Bitches Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri May 24, 2013 12:16 pm

I caught up with this title a few weeks ago, reading issues 4 to 10 in one go, and really enjoyed it, every issue feels epic and you can tell that Morrison is going to bow out with something big. So I was pretty disappointed when, after getting back into monthly ways… the first instalment I read is a fill-in! The book is on a rollercoaster of momentum, Batman just injected the Man-Bat serum and is heading off to fight Talia once and for all and what we get is… Batman Japan. But once I got over my initial disappointment, I found myself thoroughly enjoying this comic.

Written by regular series artist Chris Burnham and drawn by Jorge Lucas, this issue sees Batman Japan and his girlfriend Canary fighting some typically insane villains. The fairly light-hearted tone of this issue is a bit of a departure from the dark turn recent issues have taken since Damian died, but hey, it was still fun. I can’t believe that DC let Burnham get away with some of the innuendos used about Canary, she’s like a TARDIS is she? Bloody hell! I was surprised by how well Burnham did as a writer, I know he co-wrote this title’s zero issue, but he could have a future as a writer as well as an artist. He’s a true double-threat! I actually think more issues like this could be a good thing, this issue showed how successful the concept of Batman Inc has been, I hope the one-shot that’s coming out in the summer will be as good as this.

One of the best things about Grant Morrison’s take on Batman has been that he’s not afraid to get a little silly, and with this issue, Burnham and Lucas kept that going, I mean, the main villain had Tiger Heads for fists, it was nuts. This was a nice little diversion, but I want #12 now, I want the ending now!

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