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GL: New Guardians #20 (A big Sapphire hat Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri May 24, 2013 12:21 pm

Another Green Lantern writer bids farewell, and this time it’s Tony Bedard leaving Kyle Rayner behind. He and Tomasi have been overlooked in the monumental event of Johns leaving, but I’ve enjoyed his work on both New Guardians and Green Lantern Corps before this, and I thought this issue worked as a great capper to his run.

It opens with Kyle painting a picture of each of the characters that have been featured in this title, and then we see him and Saint Walker have a long conversation as they travel around the Earth. I think this scene mostly worked as a way to demonstrate how Kyle’s new White Lantern powers work, as it hasn’t really been explained yet. He can summon the energy of each different colour, which is very cool indeed. It’s great to see how far Kyle has grown as a character, and since he’s my favourite GL (although, he’s a White Lantern now, so not part of the discussion, oh no, I have to choose a new favourite, this changes everything) I liked seeing him get some closure by reuniting with his father.

Kyle’s daddy issues have never been as prominent as Hal Jordan’s but they are there, and it was an appropriate ending. We also see that Kyle’s other father figure, Ganthet is back to his old self. It’s a shame that Kyle may never find out that he’s alive and sane, but still. Andres Guinaldo’s artwork here was very strong, I especially like his Saint Walker. So, farewell Tony Bedard, and let’s see what Justin Jordan and Brad Walker can bring to the table! I’m a big fan of Walker’s artwork from his Superman days and also Heroes For Hire, but I’m not familiar with Jordan, guess I need to check out Shadowman and Luther Strode.

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