This Weeks Trending Topics 5/20-6/1

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This Weeks Trending Topics 5/20-6/1

Postby LOLtron » Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:34 pm

This Weeks Trending Topics 5/20-6/1

Find out what the hot button topics have been this week!


DC hogging up all the attention again:

Dan Didio Calls Vertigo Sales Model "Myopic" - Claims that DC's new sales strategy is to shoot for the stars.


Get Read For the Shitstorm: DC Edition [JLA #4 Spoilers] - I think we can all agree that internet fanpeople will take this like the mature adults they are.


DC Addresses JLA #4 Controversy -  In a recent blog post, DC Comics has responded to the criticism of the the events in Justice League of America #4 (not really).


DC Recruiting Artists to Draw Old Kevin Smith Superman Script? - Rob Liefeld was all like hey you know DC is all calling people up and asking them to, like, do this and stuff, and we were all like nuh uh, oh no they didn't!


C'mon DC, stop hogging up all the hits, even news not about you, is about you:

CBR Moves All Negative DC Forum Threads to Ghetto - The popular comics website reasserts its status as DC's bitch and clamps down on dissent.


Finally, we can get to some other news:

For Your Consideration: Marvel Heroes - After 3 months of playing the beta, this is my experience playing the upcoming MMORPG.


WTF? Glenn Close to Appear in Guardians of the Galaxy - Nope, not making this up.


Interview with Greg Rucka on Kickstarter, Lazarus & Working with the Big Two - The multiple Eisner-award winning writer of Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, and Queen & Country talks about Lady Sabre and Lazarus!


Karen Gillan Joins 'Guardians of the Galaxy' - Doctor Who star Karen Gillan is now the lead villain of Guardians of the Galaxy.


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