E3: Sony's AAA Titles for PS4

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E3: Sony's AAA Titles for PS4

Postby LOLtron » Tue Jun 11, 2013 12:18 am

E3: Sony's AAA Titles for PS4

Sony packed in the games like there was no tomorrow during their press event.

Perhaps you've seen the indie games, and now you're here for the big guys? Well let's hit their coverage from Sony's Press Event (games not included in this article were previously covered: Kingdom Hearts 4/Final Fantasy XV and Elder Scrolls Online).

The Order: 1886 appears to be a Steampunkish version of London where the subjects of the trailer fight some monsters concealed by shadows (or maybe they're zombies, since every game seems to have zombies as an enemy at this point)

Killzone Shadow Fall


DriveClub, still looking promising


More footage of inFAMOUS: Second Son, including what felt like a weird use of a Nirvana song in a game trailer in 2013


Knack, the quirky game coming from Mark Cerny


Quantic Dream's Dark Sorcerer in prototype form, featuring some unexpected green screen humor from the main character and what appears to be his sidekick.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Featured one of the bigger hiccups I saw during a press conference today as the game locked up entirely at the end. The fact that it's long before release allows us to let this slide, unfortunate as its issues at the event were.

Watch_Dogs, as if we haven't already seen this one enough today. We got a new gameplay demo that featured the protagonist helping his friend T-Bone out of a tight spot before helping himself out of another tight spot later.

NBA2k14, Lebron talks to a creepy virtual version of himself before in-game Lebron goes to work.

Mad Max, all CG trailer

The big big winner of the AAA games shown at Sony's E3 Conference had to be their exclusive reveal of gameplay for Bungie's Destiny. At times it felt like several different games, but it was clear by the end of the demo to see its big influences from MMOs, RPGs, and Bungie's lineage at making shooters. The public event all the players ran to at the end seemed like a really neat encounter.


What games are your big winners from the Sony press conference. My personal favorite was Destiny by a mile. I'm really, really intrigued by it now.

Written or Contributed by Jeff Patterson



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