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Toy Shed: Kurly Shenanigans' Dr. Doom Mask

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:34 am

Toy Shed: Kurly Shenanigans' Dr. Doom Mask

For those who wish to get their inner monarch on, Zechs reviews THE MASK OF DOOM.


Those who know me know I'm a Doctor Doom fan. I'm not into doing cosplay; even though I'd love dressing as the mighty Latverian monarch, I know I'd never pull it off. Still, I am a collector of all things DOOM, and when I heard Kurly Shenanigans was doing a Doom mask (they had previously done out of this world versions of Amon and the Ice King's crown), I couldn't pass up the chance and nabbed me one.


(Writer's Note: As of this moment, both runs are over. The seller/creator of these masks/items has done two waves in the past with Amon and has teased of a second wave of Ice King crowns. You could always contact him/her to see if they have any overstock of an item).



The mask itself is based on the late 90s early 00s version of Doom's mask. I must confess that I did enjoy seeing the little ridges underneath the eye area along along with the details in the jaw-line. The details on this mask are exceptional, save for the jaw, which does have a slight twist.


So is this thing durable? First off, this mask didn't fit my face. Yeah, I have a huge head. I cannot help it. The fun thing is, it isn't a problem, since the plastic the mask is made of, if you heat it with a blow driver and just apply pressure to it, can be manipulated until it fits your face. So a major plus to that.


Additionally, the mask is still in one piece. What you mean by that, you ask? Well, I'm A.) a slob and B.) a Clouseau, so many things tend to break in my hands. Poor Bandai D-Arts Zero - I didn't realize how brittle your pony-tail hair was until I was switching out your face. I'm not even gonna admit to how many cell phones I totaled in a year. Let's just leave it at above three. Yes, I stretched the plastic out on the mask when applying the air dryer method of lengthening it. So it's more my own fault if it is slightly deformed on one side. Why did I do this? I had to put the mask on just once and scream: "RICHARDS!!" Then taking said mask off and leaving it as how I intended it for: decoration.  Regardless, of my incompetence this Doom mask is still in one piece. So kudos to the maker for passing the Zechs' test of durability.



So, even though I'm not a cosplayer; I leapt at the chance to own the mask of DOOM. Suffice to say, I am very pleased at the details and quality of the mask. Add to that the nice price of just $40. A usual mask of DOOM can go for, oh… $167 or $200. Yeah, this is a much cheaper and cost effective approach, no?


Sure, I don't have the green hood. I'm not looking for that. All I'm looking for is to just proudly display the darn mask and showcase my loyalty to DOOM. For the price point and the durability, Kurly Shenanigans has exceeded expectations. If this gets another release, or the seller has just leftover in stock, I'd say this is a MUST BUY. For a Doom fan such as myself, I was highly satisfied at the third party product and am tempted, if they ever make a third run of the Amon mask, to nab it as well.


Kurly Shenanigans' Dr. Doom Mask: MUST BUY


Written or Contributed by Zechs


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