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Wolverine & The X-Men #32 (Werner Herzog Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:32 pm

I’m really enjoying ‘The Hellfire Saga’, it’s great to see an evil mirror version of the Jean Grey school, and things got even better with this issue as we got to see more of our heroes at the same time as learning about the villains. I loved the opening scene with Iceman and Kitty breaking into Kilgore’s HQ, that was just fun as heck. I may love the dumb-ass kid Iceman that Bendis writes, but I also like the more mature, ass-kicking (but still fun-loving) Iceman that you get under Aaron’s pen in this book.

Wolverine using the Bamfs to get track down the Hellfire School was also very cool, I like that they are becoming important to the plot now, and as I’ve said before, if this is all leading to the return of Nightcrawler, I will be one happy camper indeed. The goings on at the Hellfire Academy continue to be very dark fun, it’s just so over-the-top and evil, I love it. My favourite character in this book is still Quentin Quire, and I’m very interested in just why he wasn’t allowed into the Siege Perilous, what is Quentin’s special destiny? Very surprising to me is the central role that Toad of all people looks to be playing here, all signs to him rescuing Quire from captivity. Will Toad finally be accepted as a hero? It’s strange to be invested in what’s going on with Toad, but it’s true.

Nick Bradshaw’s cartoonish art continues to be a perfect fit for this series, I love his style, you wouldn’t think it would work on a Marvel series, but for the tone that Aaron uses, it just clicks. I also really liked seeing the origin of ‘The Philistine’, it was only one page, but already I’m more interested in him as a villain. This has been a great arc so far, and now that Wolverine has tracked down Lord Deathstrike (who is awesome by the way, I loved him in Wolverine’s solo series), things are only going to get better. We know both sides, time for them to fight!

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