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Uncanny #1 (Business Class. Fuck It. Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:31 am

Image aren’t the only company putting out interesting new titles these days. Dynamite Entertainment are proving they aren’t just licensed 1930s properties with new books like Uncanny from Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell.

I’ve been a fan of Diggle since The Losers, and it’s great to see him back doing something creator-owned and gritty. This is a sort of sci-fi crime book, with the main character, Weaver being a criminal with a special… I don’t want to say superpower, but it’s an ability. When he touches people, he absorbs their knowledge and skills for a brief time. Kind of like Rogue from the X-Men crossed with Parker. This is a cool hook, and the element of sci-fi here means that this isn’t just another crime book.

This opening issue has Weaver in Singapore, attempting to use his skills to cheat at Poker. For some reason he fails, and the rest of the issue is a thrilling chase that does a great job at showing, rather than telling the reader how Weaver’s abilities work. I’m not familiar with Aaron Campbell’s artwork, but he does a very good job here, I particularly liked his backgrounds, and his realistic character work. Despite the sci-fi elements, this is a dark, realistic book. This is another winner from Diggle, he’s such a great writer of action scenes, and the premise here is definitely exciting.

Weaver may be a bit of a cipher at the moment, but the fact that he has these strange abilities makes him much more interesting. The word 'Uncanny' may be overused in the current comics world, what with the X-Men, X-Force and Avengers all using the adjective, but for this title, it actually fits. Weaver is not your average criminal, he is uncanny.

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