Action Comics #22 (Q-Pad Spoilers)

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Action Comics #22 (Q-Pad Spoilers)

Postby Punchy » Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:59 am

Whilst we wait for Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder’s run to begin, Action limps on with a fill-in story from Scott Lobdell. This issue was pretty good to be honest, I did feel I was missing out on some important context with regards to Hector Hammond because I haven’t been reading Lobdell’s run on Superman, but the only real problem here was that the villains (that’s if they are villains), Pax Galactica are boring and generic and I don’t give a crap about them. I literally could not give two shits.

The more interesting elements here were not Superman, but Clark Kent. Clark and Cat Grant are attending a movie premiere for their blog, and I thought these scenes were pretty cool. I thought it was clever how Clark used his powers to short out all of the mainstream newspapers technology so Cat could get a scoop. I know everyone seems to think Superman should be an unparalleled bastion of virtue at all times, especially post Man Of Steel, but that’s just boring. I like it when Clark is human and a little bit flawed. Nobody complains when Peter Parker takes photos of himself for the Daily Bugle, this is the same thing really.

I also found the plot element of the movie director being some kind of cyborg to interesting. I hope Lobdell follows up on that, he’s certainly a better villain than Pax Generica. Tyler Kirkham is the artist for this issue, and I’ve enjoyed his work on the Green Lantern books for the past few years, and he does a similar job here. Yes, it’s very 90s and Top Cow-ish, but he’s a good superhero artist, his Superman looks great. I did think his Clark Kent looked a little odd though, perhaps it’s the round glasses, he looked like Harry Potter!

The World Of Krypton back-up was once again pretty solid too, we got to see the first meeting between Superman’s parents, and the New 52 version of The Eradicator was teased, which is exciting I guess. This wasn’t a bad comic, just like the previous 3 issues, it was fine, it’s just totally inessential. Superman books should be awesome, not filler. Thankfully we’ve got Superman Unchained and Pak’s run to make that awesomeness a reality.


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