Green Lantern #22 (Imagination in that direction Spoilers)

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Title: This guy, right?

Green Lantern #22 (Imagination in that direction Spoilers)

Postby Punchy » Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:06 pm

Robert Venditti’s run on GL continues to be a fun, fast-paced ride that’s doing just about enough to differentiate itself from Johns’ stuff whilst still keeping what worked. I know I’m a notorious Larfleeze hater, and I still fucking hate him, but I didn’t mind his role in this issue too much. He was a distraction, a stupid annoying pathetic distraction, but one that worked in order for Venditti to establish two interesting plot threads.

The first is that the mysterious force that caused all of the Green Lantern rings to malfunction in the last issue is also capable of affecting other Corps on the spectrum. This is a cool development, and shows that Relic is a damn powerful threat. The second plot set up by Larfleeze was that he kills a Star Sapphire, and in the hunt for a replacement, her ring finds it’s way onto a prisoner in the Sciencells who kills a GL and escapes. I thought the scenes between this new evil Star Sapphire and Cossite were very well done, you could tell something was up, but when a Love ring wants to choose someone… it’s pretty right to assume that she genuinely does love you. But nope, she only loves her people (or her ‘Clann’) and she kills him. I wonder if she is related to Relic in any way?

I also thought this issue did a good job of showing Hal Jordan having to think differently now that he’s in charge, he can’t just be a hot-head jerk anymore. His plan to distract Larfleeze worked really well. Not only was it good character development, but it made Larfleeze look like the execrable chump he is. Billy Tan’s art was once again solid, I especially like the weedy new GL recruits, they are a lot of fun. So yeah, GL seems to be surviving the post-Johns era pretty well, and now that Larfleeze is out of the picture, things are looking up even more!


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