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Avengers Assemble #17 (Robot Lobotomy in my Motherland Spoil

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:13 am

It’s the penultimate chapter of the ‘Enemy Within’ crossover and once again Kelly Sue DeConnick delivers a very enjoyable ride with some awesome dialogue that really shows why she’s writing the Avengers title geared towards movie-fans. If I had a little more cash I’d probably carry on picking up this title once the crossover ends, but alas.

The focus here is of course on Captain Marvel, but DeConnick makes sure to give most of the other Avengers something to do. I continue to love her take on Thor, he’s just so funny. The current Thor title is kind of grim, which is not a bad thing, and Aaron does have a dark sense of humour, but it’s good to read a funny Thor, because really, he’s pretty silly. I also really liked Wolverine in this issue, and it was a nice surprise to see Sersi from The Eternals show up again. I’ve been a fan of those characters since Gaiman and JRjr’s run, so it’s cool to see them. Ikari should join the Avengers! You know it makes sense.

In the end, it looks like it’s the two Caps standing together to face down Yon-Rogg. America and Marvel, ooh yeah. I was a little confused by the ending, are we meant to think that Yon-Rogg is behind Carol’s brain lesion? I guess we’ll find out in Captain Marvel. The artwork here was very strong, Matteo Buffagni is great, and Pepe Larraz really impressed me here, a big step up from the stuff he did Mighty Thor. I especially liked the depiction of the Cap-Cycle in this issue, it’ll be a shame if Carol stops using it once she regains her flight powers, it’s a pretty awesome vehicle, much better than the Spider-Mobile.

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