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Time-Warner does it again!

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Juan Cena


Postby Juan Cena » Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:13 pm

TW can't even get a URL set up straight!

Peter King's new website, Monday Morning Quarterback, launched today under the Sports Illustrated umbrella. Its logo uses the letters MMQB, so a lot of people think the site can be found at But actually links to a site long devoted to the loftiness of office furniture. As you might expect, more than a few people have been confusing the two.

We reached out to the proprietor of today to get his take on the situation. His response was excellent. We're publishing it in full:

Not too much to tell. A third party tried to buy my domain about two months ago and wouldn't pay more than $1500. I countered at a million and they said they would get back to me - and they never did. I was reading TechCrunch last night and saw that story - and it was very surrealistic. Funny too. I have been publishing MMQB since 1990 and it has been a very successful and profitable business - in the rarified world of office furniture.

So far my site has received about 14,000 extra hits vs a normal Monday Morning. Three people subscribed - and now want their money back after realizing it isn't about football (specifically). I also now have 20 or so new Twitter followers - and since I haven't done much with Twitter in years, I suppose I should get on that. A bunch of new followers are from CBS sports. Funny for sure.

So, not much more to report than that. Of course if it was the other way around Time Warner lawyers would be all over me.

Michael Wolf, Editor-in-Chief and the real Monday Morning Quarterback

The Peter King site is No mention of whether TW was the "third party," but TW should have done it's due diligence in the first place so this mix up wouldn't happen.

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