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The Venture Brothers 8.08: The Devil's Grip

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:41 pm

The Venture Brothers 8.08: The Devil's Grip

NO!! You just came back! Don't go season finale on me already! NOOOOOO!!!


Going right where the previous episode left off, Hank and Dean are sent to their godfathers: Action Man and Colonel Gentlemen for protection because Sgt. Hatred is gonna kill himself and burn the entire Venture estate down for failing to do save Dr. Venture in the previous episode. Okay, he's really not gonna do that. Instead, he and Gary go on a rescue mission to save the missing Doc from the Monarch. Speaking of the malevolent fiend, he has Doctor Venture in his clutches and he intends to scratch off every single torture he's ever thought of considering to do on the fair Doctor.


So here we are, the season finale with some plot threads ended and bigger questions arise. Those looking for any closure on the O.S.I./the Guild/Revenge Society subplot that was in the last episode, you ain't gonna find it here. Nope this is an episode focuses centrally on the core cast and the various situations last week's ending left them at.



Dean and Hank are stuck with their godfathers who each show off the world they currently live in (Action Man is desperately lonely due to his best friend, Dr. Entmann, who he accidentally killed. Col. Gentlemen's world seems to be at a crossroads though longing for a change in his life). Sgt. Hatred at his last straw teams with Gary, who is really starting to lose it living on the outside in the forest at the Venture compound. Then there's the Monarch and Doctor Venture, with the former having free will to do anything he wants to him.


Enter the comedic effect; all the Monarch's schemes are half-handed and backfire on him. Though, the Doc goes along with an actually fantastic scene prior with Doctor Mrs. Monarch who swears she will do horrible things to him if he doesn't act being scared.




At the SDCC prior to the episode the creators of the show, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, said this wasn't really a season finale more a set-up for the season 6 premiere. It does feel exactly that, more set-up to what's going to happen next. Yes, there's closure in a very awkward sense with two subplots long running this season end: Gary being away from the Monarch and Dean's knowledge of being a clone. Both get their finale here and on one angle I'm kind of disappointed with Gary's.


Throughout this season we've seen Gary do nothing but fail at trying spread his wings from the Monarch's shadow. Here, he fully goes back to being a Henchmen 21 for the Monarch. Sure, it was the right end for the arc, but the whole set-up for the episode just seemed off. Last season, Gary was haunted by the death of his best friend Henchmen 24. We thought he put that to bed, but it seems he hasn't, which also isn't surprising. It just feels to me this sort of detail should have been hinted at a bit in the season. It just feels rushed in. The same goes for him confronting the Moppets. The whole conclusion of that plot didn't make sense to me. Did his fellow henchmen kill them? Are the henchmen gone too? So many questions and no real answers save Gary is back with the Monarch.


Then there's Dean's angle this season. He's been frustrated learning he's a clone. That he isn't really the original he at all. So the subplot finally takes what we the viewer wanted to see: he tells Hank. How he takes it is totally how Hank would respond to the news and that resolution just made me smirk. Still, the episode just felt limping along into getting to that point. I was so barely interested in their godfathers, well save the one scene with Col. Gentlemen proceeding to “disarm” a disgruntled individual and proceed to well, a bad ass moment was had.


What really saved the episode though for me, was any moment with the Monarch, Doctor Mrs. Monarch, and Doctor Venture. With no Brock, Venture literally was at the mercy of his arch and due to recent events of the Monarch learning he was with Rusty prior to their college years. Well, I was at the edge of my seat wondering what would come of it. Sure enough, we got just that as the Monarch did the unthinkable: he let his arch-nemesis go freely. What does this mean next season? Will he continue arching Doctor Venture? Probably, and even though what he told his wife might have been partly true. I don't buy it fully. I'll be very curious to see how next season goes when the Monarch arches Doctor Venture. However, he's left in a new predicament thanks to Sgt. Hatred.


Again, this episode felt like the middle of a larger arc, whose conclusion we won't see for who knows how long. The one thing I know is when it arrives: it'll be worth it. The season continued the overall plot along and has now asked new questions along with taking the characters to new places. Like always when watching this series, I want more. Again, I just have to be patient with what I have, knowing full well the payoff will again happen again. It may take two or three years, but it'll happen. When the Venture Brothers return I will SO be there. Until then, this season was a nice small treat with a few road bumps. BRING ON SEASON SIX!!! Though let's hope next season we have more Doctor Orpheus. Geez was he not used much this season.



3 out of 5

Written or Contributed by Zechs


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