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SDCC: Interview with Stephen Haberman of Zenescope

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Jul 23, 2013 12:34 pm

SDCC: Interview with Stephen Haberman of Zenescope

We stole a few minutes of time from Zenescope in the middle of the con floor to find out how their SDCC experience was going and what they have planned in the coming year.

The Outhouse:  How has the convention been so far?  You announced several things going on for comic-con on your blog: The Wounded Warriors Project, HitList, Exclusives, and more.  How has the response been?

Stephen Haberman: It's been great so far.  We are really proud to have a chance to work on the Wounded Warriors Project.   For anyone that may not know, it is designed to raise money for disabled veterans for surgeries and rehab.  Marvel brought in about a dozen members and got them badges and we got to meet with them, which was great.  Every couple months we were sending boxes of comics in to the program and they have always appreciated it, but we realized we could do more.  We reached out to the Wounded Warriors project and they allowed us to use their logo to create auction items to raise money for the project and 100% of the money raised in the auction goes to the project.


OH: And the Hitlist Convention Game?

SH:  Fans have been able to sign up for buttons with the Hitlist logo and once they register and pick up their button, other fans will be on the lookout for people wearing them.  Once your picture is taken, you are assassinated and the person taking the picture is the assassin.  So the photographer that catches the most targets will be featured in the comic as the assassin and the person killed the most will also be in the first issue as the person assassinated.  Fans can find out if they survived SDCC in HitList #1, which should hit stands in September.


OH: Any Exclusives planned for the launch?

SH: Yes, there will also be exclusive covers based on retailer orders featuring Grimm Fairy Tales characters as assassins.  First issue is Sela as an assassin if she was in Hitlist.


OH: Now, the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series Kickstarter that was successfully funded last year is behind you, how is it going will production and fulfillment of the Kickstarter Rewards?

SH: It's been both amazing and terrifying.  Those that backed the kickstarter, thank you and the rewards are coming soon. There was a lot more to creating the DVD than we had anticipated, but we hope to have them completed soon.  I just received an email to approve the DVD menus the other day so they are coming together now.


OH: What do you have planned for the coming year?

SH: The Wonderland Prequel Trilogy: Down the Rabbit Hole and Through the Looking Glass and the soon-to-be-announced third part of that trilogy.  

We are also a year away from Grimm #100, which is exciting for me and I get a little choked up thinking about it.  There is a lot of competition out there in various media with fairy tale characters, but the fans have been great in supporting us and we have big things planned for next year as we build to #100.  You may see new unique convention merchandise next year, more statues and action figures are being looked at, and a lot of other exclusives planned.  We joked about having 100 exclusives and even though it was just a joke to throw that number out, sometimes it feels like we are trying to hit it.


OH: And a certain crossover you told me about earlier?

SH: Ah, yes, not a lot of details to give you yet, but we wanted to tell the Outhouse first - Grimm Fairy Tales and Wonderland will be coming together.  Both ongoing series will be crossing over somehow maybe end of this year or next year.  Like I said, not much more on it yet, but we wanted you guys to know first.


OH: Hopefully you'll have more for us on that soon.  What about your overall comic-con experience?

SH: It's been mostly work for me here running the booth, but we've had a little fun.  I did get to do the Walking Dead Escape last night.  Unfortunately I got killed, but I did make a video, camera mounted on my head and everything and all and we'll be uploading the video to our blog soon.  It was actually a little scary, but fun.




Written or Contributed by Angela Jones & Jeremy Shane


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