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Captain Marvel #14 (It's Captain you little maggot Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:46 am

The Enemy Within crossover comes to an end in a way that isn’t exactly satisfying, but does manage to set up this series for an exciting new direction and show just how much Captain Marvel has grown in stature as a character in the last year or so.

Trapped inside New York with only Captain America for company, Carol finally comes face to face with Yon-Rogg and makes the shocking discovery that I think a lot of readers already knew, that the source powering her enemy’s attacks… was her. The only way to stop Yon-Rogg from destroying New York and turning it into Kree-Lar is for Carol to sacrifice herself. And she does. Captain Marvel flies off into space, saving the day, but, in the process, gives herself a brain haemorrhage and is left for dead, floating out in space. It was a great, heroic sacrifice, and it’s so cool that a once minor character can not only be the anchor for an Avengers crossover, but also finally save the day all by herself. Plus, she got an awesome moment where she finally, for me at least, claimed the name of Captain Marvel for good.

I said that Carol was left for dead, but obviously, she isn’t, this title is still being solicited and stuff is going on. The cover to #15 seems to show her back in her ‘Binary’ form, which will be interesting. I wonder what state Carol’s brain will be in after this haemorrhage. It’s worth remembering that, for a time, Carol’s entire mind was wiped thanks to Rogue, is this a return to that status quo? I’m excited to see what Kelly Sue DeConnick will come up with, she’s really put her own stamp on this character, and I trust her to change things up however she wants.

The artwork for this issue was a little lop-sided however, I enjoyed the pages Scott Hepburn drew, but the stuff from Gerardo Sandoval wasn’t so good. But it doesn’t matter really, the story was strong enough here. I will say that there wasn’t as much of DeConnick’s strong inter-team bantery dialogue in this issue, as the stakes were so high, I prefer her writing when there’s some more lightness to it, but she can do both. So yeah, Captain Marvel is brain-dead, long live Captain Marvel!

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