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Iron Man #14 (All the way down Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:13 pm

The best thing about this storyline is the sheer cosmic scale of things. Iron Man is trapped inside a giant space-robot that 4734 miles long, that is just fucking crazy, and I love it.

The actual plot of this issue was fairly simple, Tony is on the run from both 451 and Death’s Head, and we get an exciting chase scene. That’s it really, the dialogue is nice, but after some truly mind-bending issues, it did feel a bit too simple. But then the end of the issue came, and man, I was back on board. 451, ever the manipulator realises that if he can’t force Tony to plug into the Godkiller, he can make him do it of his own accord, and the best way to do that is to make it so Tony has to do it in order to save lives. 451 nudges the Godkiller into the path of an inhabited planet, and Tony tries to do the right thing and save them. Only… it doesn’t work. Tony puts the helmet on his head, and he’s not connected. 451 has miscalculated or something, and Hope’s Pustule is exploded in a fiery ball of death. Like I said, sheer cosmic scale, a whole planet was blown up!

I think the best scene in this issue was Tony’s inner monologue just before he tried and failed to become the Godkiller pilot, where he says it’s up to Captain America and Thor to save the day now, and the realisation that he just put some faith into not only a God, but also his fellow man. Stuff like that shows how well Gillen writes Tony Stark, he just nails it. So what next? Oh yeah, 451 is now aiming the Godkiller right at Earth. He thinks Tony chickened out from becoming Pilot and thinks this will make him do it. I think it’s really fascinating how 451, who until now has been always right and a Machiavellian bad-ass, has now totally screwed up, and it’s going to cost him a lot. Next issue promises to be crazy, I just hope Death’s Head isn’t actually dead.

Greg Land’s art once again impressed me, I’ve said it before, but on a book where most of the characters are inside robotic suits, or just plain robots, his style fits, especially with Guru eFX’s metallic colouring skills.

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