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Superman Unchained #3 Preview (UPDATED)

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Sun Aug 18, 2013 11:21 am

Superman Unchained #3 Preview (UPDATED)

Who is Wraith ?

Source: Comics Continuum


The DC solicit:

Superman’s found out the secret the U.S. Army tried desperately to keep from him—or more specifically, that secret’s found him! But with hijacked drone aircraft tearing Tokyo apart, there’s not much time for mystery…and with Lois Lane on the case as well, what’s in the darkness will come to the light !
Written by:  Scott Snyder
Art & Cover by:  Jim Lee, Scott Williams
Backup Art by:  Dustin Nguyen
Variant Covers: 
• 1:300 B&W Variant cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams
• 1:100 75th Anniversary 1930s Variant cover by Dave Bullock
• 1:75 75th Anniversary Golden Age Variant cover by J.G. Jones
• 1:50 75th Anniversary Silver Age Variant cover by Brian Bolland
• 1:50 75th Anniversary Bronze Age Variant cover by Jim Starlin 
• 1:25 75th Anniversary Modern Age Variant cover by  Cliff Chiang
• 1:25 75th Anniversary Superman Reborn Variant cover by Tom Grummett and Karl Kesel 
• 1:25 variant 75th Anniversary Villains Variant cover featuring Bizarro by Ethan Van Sciver
• 75th Anniversary New 52 Variant cover by Aaron Kuder
32 pages
$3.99  (US)
On Sale:  August 21, 2013

Written or Contributed by IvCNuB4

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Staff Writer

Postby IvCNuB4 » Mon Aug 19, 2013 3:20 pm

Updated with interior page previews
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Regular-Sized Poster

Postby guitarsmashley » Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:23 pm

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Silly French Man

Postby habitual » Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:30 pm

The Bullock and Bolland covers are suh-weet!

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Staff Writer

Postby IvCNuB4 » Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:59 pm

guitarsmashley wrote:Where?

2nd edit: replaced page links with actual images

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