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Indestructible Hulk #12 (A weird owl-hoot Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:09 pm

The Hulk’s jaunt through time continues to be a hell of a lot of fun. I find that often, time-travel stories can get way too complicated and into their own mechanics, but here, whilst Waid isn’t just being dumb about it, he’s making sure that in amongst the minutiae of ‘time radiation’ and ‘chronarchists’ we still get to see the Hulk punch some Dinosaurs in the Old West, which is, you know, pretty damn great. Time being ‘broken’ thanks to Age Of Ultron, basically means that Waid can do whatever he wants and break the established rules of time-travel, so really, anything goes, and that’s a relief.

So yeah, this issue has Hulk team up with 3 of Marvel’s classic Western heroes, The Two-Gun Kid, Kid Colt and The Rawhide Kid, to fight an evil time-travelr and his dinosaur minions. If you don’t like the sound of that, you shouldn’t be reading comics. I’m a big fan of those cheesy old 1950s Western comics, and it’s always great to see these characters show up again, and Waid wrote them really well I feel, yes, they are silly, and yes, the word ‘Kid’ was over-used, but they are crack-shots, and they are fun. The villain, ‘Tok Baltusar’ was pretty good too, although from the initial silhoutte we saw, I thought it was Apocalypse, so his real identity was a bit of a disappointment, but his crazy-ass plan to turn silver into ‘time-rocks’ or something made up for it. This whole storyline is just Waid going for it with weird ideas for time-travel, and it all works for me.

I also really enjoy the new dynamic between Hulk and Banner, who is trapped inside a ROB robot, and who’s main job is to keep Hulk angry and insult him. It must be a lot of fun for Banner to be able to call his alter-ego stupid to his face. In the end, Hulk and the Cowboys save the day, but Hulk is zapped back into the time-stream, where he comes face to face with King Arthur and the original Black Knight!

Oh yes, Waid has done Marvel Westerns, now he’s doing Marvel Medieval, this story is awesome. I liked this book before, but these last 2 issues have really made me love this series, maybe I’m just a child who likes to see Hulk punch Dinosaurs and meet King Arthur, but this is a silly story being told in style, and Waid is taking it seriously, so the goofiness is not all that’s going on, it’s just a bonus!

Matteo Scalera once again impressed me with his pencils, he draws a mean Dinosaur, and his style makes all of the weird, incongruous elements of this story fit together.

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