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Nova #7 (Justin Beeker Spoilers)

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Staff Writer

Postby Punchy » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:11 pm

This was an OK issue of Nova, nothing special really, but I feel like this title is doing a really good job of being an all-ages title that you could give to a teenage kid who has no idea about the Marvel Universe, and Sam Alexander could be their guide. Given that I’m not a newcomer, it does feel a little samey, but it’s done with a good sense of humour and there are fresh moments in here too.

Sam has headed to New York to try and really be a superhero, but of course, he runs into problems, like the Police and then Spider-Man. I really enjoyed Sam’s interactions with Spidey here, especially because it was a Spider-Man of the Superior variety, and he acted like such a hilarious dick. Teaming up with Spider-Man is kind of a rite of passage for new superheroes, so it was fun to see Zeb Wells subvert that and have Spider-Man refuse to help him. I also loved the cameo from Iron Man, as Spidey showed to Nova that NYC already has too many superheroes and they don’t really need another one, which is not only a fun bit of meta-commentary, but true.

So Sam heads to somewhere without 500 superheroes, Los Angeles, only to once again screw up, as he interrupts a Movie-shoot, and comes face to face with a Director who looks a lot like Joss Whedon. This was more meta stuff, and it also worked for me, especially ‘Joss’ line about how maybe he could use Sam in a future movie, could that be Avengers 2? Heh.

Basically, this issue showed how it’s actually quite difficult to be a superhero, as everything Sam tries to do backfires in some way, and he ends up doing what his mother suggested in the first place, fixing the Skate Park he destroyed. I like that this book is not just slotting the character right into traditional superhero stories, that it’s trying to do something different, and my suspicion is that Nova is far more suited to outer-space adventures than stopping robberies in New York. Luckily (or unluckily), Infinity is just around the corner and Sam will probably end up in all kinds of cosmic mess, I’m excited to see what that’s like.

One other interesting element of this series is the role of the New Warriors, as both Justice and Speedball show up in this issue, discussing whether or not to reform the band. It was a lot of fun seeing those two again, and I’m excited to see where they are going with this, it’s obviously going to be sad when they find out that this new Nova isn’t Richard Rider, but are we going to be getting a new New Warriors?

This is still a fun book, Wells’ take on Sam is great, he does seem like a naïve kid, and Paco Medina’s art is perfect, this just felt like a placeholder, let’s hope the Infinity tie-ins get things moving faster.

The Bass

Postby The Bass » Wed Aug 21, 2013 4:22 pm

I thought this was GREAT.

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