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Young Avengers #9 (The truth is the best lie Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:45 pm

Once again, Young Avengers falls short of being as good as I want it to be.

Only this time, it’s not because of the whole ‘trying too hard to impress Tumblr’ thing, although that’s present, it’s because I haven’t read Gillen’s Journey Into Mystery and have no idea who Leah is and don’t care about her at all. I don’t know why Loki is so scared of her, and the ending where she’s revealed as Hulkling’s therapist has no impact on me. Now, this is my fault, I suppose I should read JiM one of these days, but still, I have no connection to this woman, and it means this issue is lacking.

There was good stuff in here, like the break-up between Hulkling and Wiccan, which I liked because their relationship was taking up way too much room in the title and stopping other characters from doing anything interesting. The focus was on those two way too much, and they (Wiccan especially) are probably the least interesting characters in the Marvel Universe. Hopefully now that they are broken up, not only can the likes of Miss America (who’s mysteries are hinted at here) and Noh-Varr actually do stuff that isn’t side-jokes, and maybe Hulkling and Wiccan can develop personalities.

I also found the explanation as to why Prodigy kissed Hulkling to be pretty interesting, until Gillen seemed to back out on the implications of a character becoming bi-sexual because of their superpowers. Prodigy changing his sexuality because of being a mutant and absorbing other people’s sexuality is a very interesting concept, but nope, it just awakened something that was already there, which is more realistic and more PC, but I don’t want realism, I want crazy superhero nonsense, if Punisher can become a black guy for a few months, then Prodigy can turn bi because of his powers.

I did like the little meta-note Gillen slipped in, with Hulkling being confused because Prodigy’s Wikipedia doesn’t say he’s gay. I may find Hulkling and Wiccan’s nerdery to be shitty fanservice of the highest order, but sometimes a reference works.

The artwork from McKelvie and Norton was once again fantastic (I loved the use of plain white panel borders throughout) and the idea that when Kate Bishop grows up she’ll be on the side of ‘Mother’ is interesting, but still, this book is still frustrating me. I want to like it, but I think I may just be too old. Let’s hope that now this reality-hopping escapade is over, things will pick up, but I’ve been saying that since #1, and I don’t know how long I can keep waiting for that old Phonogram magic.

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