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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #26 (Was he a wrestler? Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:42 pm

Just this last week, I caught back up on the last year or so of Ultimate Spidey, reading from #16 to #25, and man, it’s good to be back on the horse. I still miss Ultimate Peter Parker, but Miles has grown into a great character, and Bendis is really writing this book wonderfully.

This issue continues the ‘Spider-Man: No More’ story and demonstrates, to me at least, why Ultimate Spider-Man is going nowhere, there’s no way Miles is moving to the Marvel Universe, especially since Bendis is setting up so many new plotlines and characters that are intrinsic to the Ultimate Universe setting. This whole Roxxon conspiracy plotline is something that can run and run, and I don’t see Bendis abandoning it.

The issue opens with a great fake cover of ‘Ultimate Amazing Fantasy #14’ depicting the debut of Bombshell, the foul-mouthed teenage villain who we last saw when Peter was alive. This issue delves into her origins, and whaddayaknow, Roxxon is involved. Much like how Layla Miller and her sinister brain trust fucked with Cloak and Dagger, they did the same to Bombshell’s mother and that’s why she has her powers. So much of the Ultimate Universe’s back-story and mythology is about the various attempts to recreate Captain America, so it was great to see that play a big part again. The reason Cloak and Dagger were after Bombshell was because they found some kind of Roxxon list, and thought that Bombshell was a part of the conspiracy, and not a fellow guinea-pig. It’s all connected!

It was also great to see Miles back in action as Spidey, even though for us readers it’s only been 3 issues and not a year, it brought a smile to my face. Especially since his banter with Spider-Woman is so much fun, and his rustiness was also utilised well, he hasn’t spun a web for a year, no wonder he misses.

This issue introduces the Ultimate Taskmaster, who is hired by Roxxon to take out all of the various problems they have running around, he’s pretty damn awesome, and he easily stops Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and Bombshell. Towards the end of the Peter Parker era, Ultimate Spidey had a real ensemble feel with Spidey, Human Torch, Iceman and more, and if Bendis is bringing that feel in for Miles with the likes of Cloak, Dagger and Bombshell, then I am down for that. Miles Morales and his amazing friends.

David Marquez’s art was brilliant as usual, and I loved how he used a slightly different style in the flashbacks, Bendis’ dialogue was terrific, and damn, it’s just good to be caught up with USM. Miles is back, and so am I, there’s nothing, not even Galactus eating the universe that can stop this train of comic-book awesomeness.

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