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Uncanny #3 (I don't like that wolf Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:17 am

With this third issue, Andy Diggle really opens up the world of ‘Uncanny’ and things get really interesting. The first 2 issues were very tightly-focused crime/chase stories, but here, we are introduced to the wider world around Weaver’s strange abilities and also find out more about our mysterious protagonist.

Weaver is on a plane with Maggie, who explains her superhuman abilities (in this world, people with powers are called ‘Actives’) some more, and takes her to her employer, a very rich man called Deacon Styles. After a very strange scene with a very strange drawing of a wolf, Deacon demonstrates just how far his reach goes, as he tells Weaver that he knows all about him, not just that he has superpowers, but also his real name, and his tragic back story.

Styles then reveals why he was so concerned about saving Weaver. There’s a secret intelligence force that deals with Actives, and they have recently discovered just why certain people have powers, and how they can reproduce it. Styles wants Weaver and Maggie to steal that information so he can use it himself.

Once again, Diggle is doing an excellent job at balancing a realistic crime/spy thriller with very light superheroic elements. This is Diggle in his own sandbox, with his own rules, and it’s very fun to read. It’s always seemed like Diggle was restrained by working in the Marvel or DC Universe, and here, he can tell his kind of gritty superhero story in his own way. I’m excited to see just how Weaver goes about this heist, and just which the morally shaky world this story is built on goes. Is Styles to be trusted? Obviously not, but can the ‘Cadre’ be trusted too? There’s lots of interesting plotlines in this book already.

Aaron Campbell’s art was once again impressive, his style is very dark and gritty, so perfect for a book like this, where the sci-fi elements barely appear. I particularly loved the page where Weaver stares, Cameron from Ferris Bueller-style at the wolf-painting, and the way Campbell drew Weaver’s eye and the Wolf’s eye to look the same. That Wolf appeared before, and I’m betting it has something to do with the pink-haired woman Styles has hidden.

This book has been really good so far, Dynamite are really getting some great creators on board at the moment, it’s great to see companies like this follow what Image is doing, getting good writers and allowing them to do what they want.

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