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The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys #4 (SPLRS)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:51 am

As the second half of this mini begins, things are really coming together and this was the best issue so far. It’s still a weird mish-mash of ideas, but it’s coalescing now, and the emotions here were powerful enough to override any problems.

I’ve said before the best part of this comic (along with the amazing art from Cloonan) is the relationship between the Pornodroids Red and Blue, and that was in evidence in this issue, as Red and Blue attempt to flee Bat City and make it into the desert, where because there is no electricity, they will die together. They want to go out together, but unfortunately just as they are about to make it, Red is shot by some goons, and Blue is left alone. It was a tragic scene, and I’m very excited to see what role Blue will play in the remaining issues.

Also very powerful were the scenes with Korse, the bald guy who was the villain of the original Killjoys music videos. In a previous issue we found out that he had hidden depths, had a secret gay lover and was beginning to realize the evil of the BLI regime. In this issue, his secrets are discovered, and his lover is killed by The Mayor and her soldiers. That was a great scene, especially with the Mayor’s speech about how terrible love is over the top of it, she’s a really good villain. Are we meant to believe that the men she has tied up in her dungeon are the original Killjoys? Or is she just making them wear the masks that are on the floor as some kind of kink? Hmm…

Out in the desert, we see that the new Killjoys are about to begin their attack on the City, and it looks like Val Velocity may be just as big a villain as The Mayor is, as he’s seriously unhinged, he doesn’t care about being a hero, he just wants violence, as he says ‘killing is the new cool’. He even goes and kills Doctor Death-defying, which is pretty messed-up. It also seems like the little cat that has been following around The Girl is actually some kind of tracking device for the BLI, which is a shocker.

Things are heating up now, and I expect the final 2 issues of this mini to really go mental. This is a story and world that as I’ve said, doesn’t really make sense, but it works because of the emotion and ideas, those final few pages where snippets of lyrics from the My Chemical Romance songs come in were very powerful. Gerard Way has proved himself to be a great comics writer, and whilst I’d prefer more Umbrella Academy, he, Simon and Cloonan are doing great work here.

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