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Cable And X-Force #14 (He who controls the spice Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Sep 19, 2013 5:22 pm

With Cable and Havok reaching an agreement at the end of this issue, as well as Hope seemingly curing Cable of the psychic premonitions that were killing him, it looks like this is the end of the first part of the story Dennis Hopeless is telling, and Cable and X-Force can move on from fighting the Uncanny Avengers issue, which is good news. As much as I like seeing Doctor Nemesis quote Dune and annoy the fuck out of Sunfire, it was getting a bit repetitive.

This issue opens with Hope being sent back to the present-day to save Cable by her future self and Blaquesmith, and in the process getting a slightly teaked look. Future Hope ripped off that natty old cloak and gave her a pretty awesome new Jetpack, which is cool. I really like Dennis Hopeless’ sense of humour, and stuff like Future Hope trying to fix her fashion faux pas is brilliant.

We then go back to Avengers Mansion, for the big fight, featuring the aforementioned Doctor Nemesis/Sunfire battle, but also Forge Vs Thor, Domino Vs Captain America and Boom Vs Scarlet Witch. Perhaps the best part of this issue was Wolverine, who, not wanting to fight his fellow X-Dudes for no reason, spent all of this issue eating crisps (chips to you Americans) and being more bad-ass than he’s been in a while without doing anything. Man, he gets a lot of shit, but Wolverine is great.

Cable is still freaking out, and he’s about to kill Havok, until Hope comes in and saves the day, using a ‘Psimitar’ to stab Cable in the head and saves him. It’s wonky comics science, but it works, let’s not try and pretend Cable hasn’t always been full of stupid shit like this. So, Cable is saved, and now that Havok knows he isn’t actually a terrorist, he agrees to let his nephew go free. The slate seems to be clean for X-Force, so what next? I’m excited to see it, especially now that Cable and Hope are on the same page. Larroca’s artwork was as solid as always, especially on the pages where Hope was flying around on her new Jetpack, she looked bad-ass.

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